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Canada might put dad in jail for calling his daughter a girl

Progressives are at their repressively violent best again, with a court in Canada telling a dad that since his daughter wants to identify as a boy, he must not only approve it, he might get fined or go to jail for calling her a girl, or using female pronouns to refer to her.

Canada might put dad in jail for calling his daughter a girl
Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court of British Columbia (B.C.) ruled that a 14-year-old girl may undergo transgender hormone “treatments” to support her transgender identity as a boy — without her father’s consent. The court went so far as to threaten to penalize the father’s speech. If he calls his daughter a girl, that would constitute “family violence,” which would be punishable by law.

The B.C. Supreme Court ruled that the girl (referred to as A.B.) “is exclusively entitled to consent to medical treatment for gender dysphoria and to take any necessary legal proceedings in relation to such medical treatment,” and that “attempting to persuade A.B. to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; addressing A.B. by his birth name; referring to A.B. as a girl or with female pronouns whether to him directly or to third parties; shall be considered to be family violence under s. 38 of the Family Law Act.”

God’s fireball judgments are getting closer and closer. Let’s use the time wisely, because the last days will see these demons in the form of humans bearing down on us.

are vegetarians depressed, and vegans even more so?

New research is suggesting that the less animal products in your diet, the more likely you are to be depressed. vegetarian-depression link

The evidence is not conclusive, and the article even states how Seventh-day Adventists didn’t fit that pattern, but the correlation seems to be quite strong to me.

The article also explains what I think is one of the biggest reasons for this – which is that people who think long and hard enough to make huge changes in their lifestyle, often are prone to depression anyway because of how life looks so hopeless. Frankly, if I wasn’t Christian, I would most likely be depressed myself.

This also fits in with inspired counsel that I read today, to not make diet any kind of test for salvation. It’s important, but it’s not what saves us. Only Jesus can save us. 🙂

missing cats already

(What happened to me yesterday)
I came back from church around 4:15, and noticed a car in front of the house, so I knew it was the original owner of the cats coming to pick them up.

I tried to be as quiet as possible, as I didn’t want anything to do with saying goodbye to them, but the house owner came upstairs asking me if I knew where Ume-chan was.

Of course I knew, as she always hides on top of the fridge downstairs when visitors come.
So I went down, got her out, put her in the carry bag they brought, clamped down on the velcro opening that she kept trying to nose open, and watched them put Tora-chan into a bigger carry bag.
He was naturally more docile, and got in with little problem.

Then I took Ume out to the car, put her in the back, they put in Tora, and as Ume could get out by prying open the velcro, I had them shut the doors and roll up the windows, then I let go and hurriedly shut the back door.

We waved goodbye to them, me in tears.

First time I’ve cried about saying goodbye to a pet since my dog Stubborn back when I was around 16 or so and I bawled my eyes out, and couldn’t help my brother take him to the vet to put him down at all.


Tearing up again just typing this.

Hope we have 4-legged friends in heaven, and we can all gather around Jesus.

Brazil elects Pentecostal president

Brazil just elected Bolsonaro, a Pentecostal, as president. It seems incredible that a country 95% Roman Catholic just a few decades ago has turned to over 30% “Evangelical/Pentecostal” now.

Pentecostal triumph in Brazilian election

“The conversion of Brazil has been a startlingly short process. Originally overwhelmingly Catholic, the country has swung from crisis to crisis throughout the twentieth century due to quite amazing economic mismanagement and corruption. This has meant that between 1889 and 1985, there have effectively been three revolutions—Brazil is now on its “Third Republic”—leading to massive upheaval each time,”

Interesting how Catholic countries can never really thrive. They are also nearly always hotbeds of corruption. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what a Pentecostal president will do. May you follow the holy words of God in the Bible, President Bolsonaro!

Prohibition was one of the best things America ever did

Many people like to say that Prohibition in America (banning alcohol sales) was a failure, and not good to start with. However, it actually saved many lives, and still lingers on helping to save lives today by restricting alcohol sales at certain times and days.

New research by the World Health Organization, says “Alcohol a factor in one in 20 deaths worldwide”. Just think of all the pain and suffering and death that could be avoided if alcohol were banned all over the world!
Alcohol a factor in one in 20 deaths worldwide

kale and other greens help prevent colon cancer

This should be quite obvious, but some researchers found out that eating things like kale, cabbage, and broccoli helped prevent colon cancer in mice.
greens against cancer!

What the article didn’t state, is whether it is to be eaten fresh or cooked. Personally, I’m convinced the best benefits are from the raw plant, as the enzymes are not killed off in the cooking process.

That reminds me that two evenings ago in Yonago, I was at the “dine-in” section of a supermarket. I had bought some kale, and in between eating my rice balls, potato rings, and tomatoes, I would take up a leaf and munch on it. The mother of the family of 4 sitting just inches away told her family that it was odd to eat it that way, but that different people have different likes and dislikes. I didn’t let them catch on that I could understand them, as they would’ve been embarrassed, but I thot it was noteworthy that they considered it “unusual”.

Let’s all eat our greens with pride, and gross out all those dead animal eaters – ha!

530 million people watch one online show!

I’m still trying to wrap my head around that number. That represents 40% of everyone alive in China, and about 1 in 15 humans living on the planet now. All to watch some fiction show about ancient concubines in the Chinese court try to out trick each other:
most watched internet streaming show in history

Now if we could just get them to watch some Three Angels’ Truth from Amazing Facts or somebody….

Patterns of Evidence video shows amazing evidence for Joseph in Egypt

Yesterday I watched videos Part 1 and 2 of “Patterns of Evidence” where David Rohl explains how current Egyptology is off by several hundred years, which makes many theological schools teach that Joseph and Moses and the Exodus is just fiction. In these videos he shows remarkable evidence that fits very closely to the time line of the Bible.

One thing that amazed me, is that there is a “Bahr Yussef” in Egypt that is a canal system to not only control the floods (which he claims is the reason there were 7 years of famine), but also to turn much of Egypt into an agricultural paradise. Amazing stuff!

Avaris was the name of an Egyptian town, where he claims the Hebrews lived, and he has lots of archaeological evidence to back up his claim.

David Rohl is not a believer in any religion it seems, but just sees the Bible as a generally reliable historical book. His blog is here: David Rohl’s blog about ancient Egypt and Israel

The first video is quite dry, but gets the foundation laid for his version of the ancient time line, and the second video has lots of interesting artifacts and reconstructions to show things that would be interesting to anyone who believes in the Bible. One thing that interested me, is the probable tomb of Joseph, and a statue of what he believes in Joseph that was twice the size of people today – hmmmmm.

Video laying groundwork for why he believes the current Egyptian chronology is wrong

Video giving archaeological evidence for his premise of changing the Egyptian chronology time line

While we know that the Bible is true, it is very nice to see the historical evidence that matches the holy words of God, and helps strengthen our faith (while at the same time, making us disgusted with the false narrative we’ve all been taught in school!)

Evolutionists show DNA supports recent start to living things

A recent review paper proposed a controversial claim—that the vast majority of animal species arose contemporary with modern humans. Not surprisingly, this claim was met with backlash from the evolutionary community…. The main focus of Stoeckle and Thaler’s paper is genetics. Specifically, they focus on a subset of DNA in human and animal cells, termed mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Their analysis of mtDNA is clear, straightforward, and carefully justified

Recent mitochondrial DNA barcoding results bode well for the recent origin of species

The above article is a scientist’s explanation of what this new evidence for a recent origin of living things means.

For a layman’s explanation: New DNA Findings Raise More Questions About Theory of Evolution

Here’s how Phys.org explained it:

It is textbook biology, for example, that species with large, far-flung populations — think ants, rats, humans — will become more genetically diverse over time.

But is that true?

“The answer is no,” said Stoeckle, lead author of the study …

For the planet’s 7.6 billion people, 500 million house sparrows, or 100,000 sandpipers, genetic diversity “is about the same,” he told AFP.

“This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could,” Thaler also told AFP (Agence France-Presse), the international news agency headquartered in Paris.

Interesting that DNA does NOT support “millions of years” that the god of Evolution requires in order to do his magic. Maybe that god is not real after all?

Americans don’t care much about morality

The article: “Urban-Rural Divide Isn’t What It Seems” in Real-Clear Policy shows, from the results of many years of polling Americans, that when asked the question: “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?” very few mentioned “morality”.

The number one thing was “economic concerns” followed by “government leadership”, “cultural questions” such as immigration, poverty, gun control, and race relations all came in front of “morality”. “Morality” scored 7% in rural areas, and 4% in the cities. So yes, as expected, the cities are less interested in God, but the rural areas aren’t much interested either.

To think that only around 5% of all fellow Americans view “morality” as the number one problem facing America, gives one pause….

Open Source Software Disqus: “What is Seventh Day Adventism?”

This Disqus forum site published the above article. You can find it here: What is Seventh Day Adventism?

I’ve had some interaction with that site’s owner on the Disqus site “Grace and Truth”, and knew that he/she was against SDAs, but seemed to be more honest and searching than some others.

So I read the article carefully, and made the following observations:

Thank you for starting a discussion about God’s remnant church!
The 7th day Sabbath is one of the 10 Commandments that God wrote with his own finger in stone.
Jesus Christ kept the commandments, and said that if we love him, we are to “keep my commandments”.
He prophesied that we need to pray in the last days that our flight into the hills from tribulation should not take place on the Sabbath day.
Daniel 8:14 was fulfilled exactly on the Day of Atonement – 2300 years later – on October 22, 1844. That is the day Jesus Christ entered the Most Holy Place in heaven, to begin the final atonement for sins.
The Sanctuary figures prominently in SDA teaching, as God used it as a type, to teach us important truths. One of those is that the scapegoat (Azazel) represents Satan. This is what the Jews believed, and most all Christians until just around 150 years ago when “higher criticism” came into the various churches.
Ellen White is a true messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ. No one has ever produced even one false vision from her. But you do not have believe her writings to be saved, as she wrote herself that everyone will be judged by the great statute book – the Holy Bible.
I agree that the Clear Word Bible is an abomination. It is not an official SDA Bible, but was penned by a teacher of theology at a SDA University. There are many tares in God’s remnant church, sadly, but that doesn’t mean that the wheat is bad.
God has told us thru Ellen White that the SDA church is “Laodicea”. That is a terrible position. But, as you can read for yourself, that church is still loved by God. All other churches showed that they didn’t love Jesus, as they didn’t even wish to see him return in 1844. So God’s plan was carried out then, to test hearts, to see who is really desirous of following the Lamb wherever he leads.
I pray you also will want to follow the Lamb wherever he leads – to the New Jerusalem, and eternal life. 🙂

That post not only got removed, it got me banned from the site! I had posted on the site before, so was quite amazed to see this.

So site owner “ExtremeRC”, why did you put up an article asking a question about SDAs, and then remove relevant answers? It just makes it look like you are not interested in what the title of your own article is about, and just want to bash SDAs. Was that your intention?

May we all remember to give glory to our lovely Saviour – Jesus Christ, in all our interactions today.

new study finds religious people live 4 years longer

“Researchers at Ohio State University found that religious people live an average of four years longer than atheists. Their study was published Wednesday in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.”
living longer religiously

Of course it’s not definitive, but it is interesting.

I always tell people that true Christians live longer and happier than anyone else – by millions and billions and trillions of years. 🙂

Japan SDAs are dying out

Yesterday at church, I heard that in 2017 there were 233 baptisms into the SDA church in Japan. And there were 216 deaths.

There are approximately 15,000 members, in a country of roughly 127,000,000.

I’m not sure of the breakdown, but I’m guessing around 30-40% of those baptisms in Japan last year were of either foreign people living in Japan, or of 2nd-3rd generation South Americans of Japanese descent who have come to Japan.

The church in Japan is dying.
Any ideas on what to do about it?

UN tries to save the world for globalists – America refuses – praise God!

The United Nations is at it again – trying to force a one-world government on everybody. This time, it is under the guise of “saving the planet” for climate change.

Of course nearly all the world’s leaders are in on the gig, but fortunately, the United States is having none of it. While past administrations have been suckers for paying out large sums of cash to organizations that weaken America, and chip away at the God-given mandate to have individual nations, this administration is tired of being played for a sucker, and is standing up to the globalist ambitions, and telling them what to do with their plan for world domination in the name of “saving the planet” (of course climate change in itself is bogus).

In September, Macron set out the goals of Global Pact at the United Nations. He said the framework would “establish rights, but also duties for mankind.”

Macron urged quick adoption in his speech, “I very strongly believe that the world is ready for this and that it’s our responsibility.” Guterres also gave his support to the pact at the meeting.

Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot, and author of the new book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” charged that, “This new global environmental pact will have more teeth and cover more aspects of human civilization than the U.N.-Paris climate pact. This new environmental pact is looking to be the U.N. Paris agreement on steroids because they are making it binding, and it appears even wider in

America tells globalists to pound sand

One more reason to praise God for this time of relative peace and freedom, before the one-worlders get their day in the sun.

liberalism is a religion of virtue signalling

While Tucker Carlson sometimes has problems, he is right on the money on this issue of what Liberals/Progressives are all about – fighting God, and feeling superior than others for doing that. Partial transcript as follows:

“CARLSON: In the wake of Eric Schneiderman’s resignation as attorney general of New York, some of his long-time friends on the left are professing shock.

You’ve heard them. We just can’t believe it, they say. How can a man so publicly committed to feminism beat women? It just doesn’t make sense.

But, of course, it makes perfect sense. Self-righteousness is always a marker for secret creepiness. The people yelling the loudest are usually hiding the most.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear some Democratic politician lecturing you about your moral inferiority. That’s the guy you need to watch carefully. Chances are he’s up to something awful behind closed doors.

Hypocrisy isn’t just a feature of modern liberalism. It’s the heart of modern liberalism. Ever wonder how people who advocate for abortion can say they stand for children? How a movement that demonizes an entire race can claim to oppose racism? The same way Al Gore can travel by private jet while trying to ban your SUV.

Because consistency does not matter to the left. Only virtue matters. We’re good people; therefore, we must rule. You are not; therefore, you must obey.

Al Gore doesn’t believe he’s a hypocrite. Eric Schneiderman probably doesn’t think he is either. You can’t commit sin if your intentions are pure. And liberals believe their intentions are the purest.

If that sounds like theology, and not public policy, that’s because it is theology. Modern liberalism is a religious movement. It’s a replacement for the protestant Christianity that the left worked so hard to undermine and destroy.

Liberals are speaking the language of faith, albeit a faith without god. This is the main reason that right and left talk past each other. The reason our public debates are so weird and unsatisfying.

One side arrives with facts and stats and arguments. The other brags about its decency. One side is trying to convince; the other is trying to convert.

You can beat the liberal in an argument, but you can never convince them that you won. He cares much more deeply than you do; and, therefore, he knows he’s right. By definition. And nothing can convince him otherwise.

Somewhere tonight Eric Schneiderman is marinating in his shame. Probably unshaven and alone. His career is over. His reputation is destroyed. He faces years of potential legal action. He is a broken man. He is in agony.

And yet, on some level, despite all of that, Eric Schneiderman still knows he’s a better person than you are.”

This is from Breitbart website: Progressives think they are more moral without Jesus

Sadly, many of our own SDA Brethren are Progressives/Liberals too, and that is why many converstaions never go anywhere with them, as they believe they are on the moral high ground, apart from what the Bible and Ellen White’s writings say.