Loving it in Japan 2011

Finally after 5 years of travelling around mostly trying to spread the 1858 edition of the Great Controversy, I came back to the land where I feel most comfortable. It is so relaxing to be able to speak the language, enjoy the food, know the customs, not have to worry about where to go next, and just being able to know where the bathroom is in the dark of nite is very, very relaxing. Well, I did have to worry a bit, so went to Korea in March, then to Hong Kong in June, but finally a former customer of Country Life Restaurant (American guy) sponsored my visa in September, so by the end of the year I was in a position to send help to several of my friends in various countries who are pushing forward the 1858 Great Controversy project :) I started volunteer English teaching at the Kobe SDA church, and before long, there were around 30 kids in 5 classes. This helped me a lot in giving me a missionary-spirit reason to stay in Japan. If it's just for money, income is higher in America, and the living is easier. But I feel God has called me here, and I want to serve Him!

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