Brazil elects Pentecostal president

Brazil just elected Bolsonaro, a Pentecostal, as president. It seems incredible that a country 95% Roman Catholic just a few decades ago has turned to over 30% “Evangelical/Pentecostal” now.

Pentecostal triumph in Brazilian election

“The conversion of Brazil has been a startlingly short process. Originally overwhelmingly Catholic, the country has swung from crisis to crisis throughout the twentieth century due to quite amazing economic mismanagement and corruption. This has meant that between 1889 and 1985, there have effectively been three revolutions—Brazil is now on its “Third Republic”—leading to massive upheaval each time,”

Interesting how Catholic countries can never really thrive. They are also nearly always hotbeds of corruption. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what a Pentecostal president will do. May you follow the holy words of God in the Bible, President Bolsonaro!

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