Grace Amadon Collection

The Grace Amadon Collection is a collection of material from the General Conference committee in the 1930s that were tasked with delving deeply into the biblical basis for how the Day of Atonement is to be calculated scientifically. Another point of the study was to settle beyond all scientific doubt that October 22, 1844 was the actual day of Atonement that year.

Both of those goals were met in this study, but somehow, even though the leading SDA theologians of the day (LeRoy Froom and M.L. Andreasen) were on the committee, and seemed to agree with the results, and even though this study took several years and quite a lot of money to produce, it was never released in a normal way to the church, but basically just shelved.

Be that as it may, what I have found available on the internet is a treasure trove of info for figuring out for yourself how to calculate the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), and of course all the Feasts of the Lord, each year.

Grace Amadon Collection shows clearly the biblical way to calculate the Feast days

This report shows that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Passover on Friday, April 27, 31AD, and went into the Most Holy Place on October 22, 1844. With these two time anchors, it becomes quite easy to determine when any of God’s holy feast days occurs. Personally, I believe we are to still keep them, as Jesus did, as he is our perfect example.

List of links to files in the Grace Amadon Collection

Most of the following files are in PDF format, with one in RTF, and one written by myself in TXT. I recommend that they be read in the order below. If you just want to dive right into the technical details, please go to Report Part V.

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  1. I am interested to learn how the committee finally confirmed the date October 22, 1844; i believe it because EGW had endorsed it, however I still need to also know how we can show the correct date from showing it using our calendar system. I am a believer that we are to keep the Feast of the Lord since it is a blessing to keep the feast, and it is an appointed time, just like the 7th day Sabbath that should be kept every week; I am on my 3rd year of keeping the Feast of the Lord, weekly Sabbath rest, also monthly new moon to assemble and do foot washing, and keep the annual sabbaths. May more people find this site and they can learn for themselves.

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