Prohibition was one of the best things America ever did

Many people like to say that Prohibition in America (banning alcohol sales) was a failure, and not good to start with. However, it actually saved many lives, and still lingers on helping to save lives today by restricting alcohol sales at certain times and days.

New research by the World Health Organization, says “Alcohol a factor in one in 20 deaths worldwide”. Just think of all the pain and suffering and death that could be avoided if alcohol were banned all over the world!
Alcohol a factor in one in 20 deaths worldwide

1 thought on “Prohibition was one of the best things America ever did”

  1. Many say Prohibition was a failure, but I agree 100% with this post.

    Was reading a biography of A.T. Jones entitled “From 1888 to Apostasy.”

    On page 28 I thought this was interesting re Prohibition. America was still largely a PROTESTANT nation! But in the 1880’s Protestants had fears about their great nation being changed – they saw danger to portestantism ahead, and how right they were!

    About the 1880’s, the book says, “Mainline Protestantism was in a state of panic as it viewed hordes of immigrants invading the United States. It found post-Civil war immigration to be much more objectionable than prewar immigration because it contained larger proportions of Roman Catholics…The new immigrants brought with them an ‘un-American’ approach to alcoholic beverages…”.

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