Daniel Winters’ blog. I’m a Seventh-day Adventist, and work to get fellow SDAs who are in sin and/or error, to repent. One method of doing that, is to reprint the original, 1858 edition of The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels (by Ellen White). I believe that the SDA Church is God’s remnant church, and is in a terrible Laodicean condition. The ancient paths will be restored, which includes keeping all of God’s Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments, including the 10 Commandments and the Holy Feast days of the Lord (just like Jesus kept them). When we repent and turn from our sins, Christ will send the Latter Rain which will make the world angry, then God’s fireball judgments will enrage the wicked, they will enact a Sunday law, then the 7 Trumpets will sound, 3 1/2 physical years will pass, and soon afterward, Jesus will return in the clouds of glory. Amen!

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Let’s work together to help spread the original, 1858 Great Controversy in many languages!!

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