Going to Madagascar?

After nearly 3 decades in Japan spanning 35 years, I’m ready to go where the people are more open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe I’ve had a good impact for Jesus on some people, especially children, But my church ended the English volunteering every Tuesday when the corona bug hit in 2020, and now I’m just kind of earning money and sending it abroad to help spread the gospel. As long as the jpy was strong, that seemed to be a good thing, but for 2 years now the jpy has been very weak, prompting me to rethink where I’m supposed to be to give the most glory to Jesus.

Right now, that appears to be Madagascar, but not sure if they will be able to get me a visa or not. Please pray that if it is God’s will, that the visa will come thru quickly.

Always keep your eyes up on Jesus!

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  1. Hello Shireen 🙂
    SID initially said that there should be no problem getting this visa for me to Madagascar, but then when they found out that Adventist Volunteer Services was not directly involved in this volunteer request, they suddenly broke off contact.

    Finally, 5 1/2 months later (!) they contacted me again, apologizing, saying that they will try to help me now.

    So my feelings go up and down. I quit all my main jobs at the end of the school year in March, and am now just barely able to cover expenses with a few tutoring gigs. But God is very good, supplying all my needs and more! Your continued prayers are very much desired.

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