kale and other greens help prevent colon cancer

This should be quite obvious, but some researchers found out that eating things like kale, cabbage, and broccoli helped prevent colon cancer in mice.
greens against cancer!

What the article didn’t state, is whether it is to be eaten fresh or cooked. Personally, I’m convinced the best benefits are from the raw plant, as the enzymes are not killed off in the cooking process.

That reminds me that two evenings ago in Yonago, I was at the “dine-in” section of a supermarket. I had bought some kale, and in between eating my rice balls, potato rings, and tomatoes, I would take up a leaf and munch on it. The mother of the family of 4 sitting just inches away told her family that it was odd to eat it that way, but that different people have different likes and dislikes. I didn’t let them catch on that I could understand them, as they would’ve been embarrassed, but I thot it was noteworthy that they considered it “unusual”.

Let’s all eat our greens with pride, and gross out all those dead animal eaters – ha!

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