Pastor Branner also teaches time-setting, contrary to God’s words

Pastor Branner is a SDA pastor referenced by David Gates in his “Even at the Door” sermon. I watched the 2 part series by Pr. Branner, titled “Prophecy Science and the New World Order”.
He says many good things, and I generally am in agreement with what he says. Especially I’m delighted to see he takes the words of God in the Bible to heart – that there will be a literal 3 1/2 year period right before the end.

However, he makes several unfortunate time-setting errors that may turn off some honest seekers for truth. Here were some thots about his part 2 video sermon:
50:10 “The close of probation for God’s people will be within one year”. That’s some time-setting.
52:05 “Wouldn’t God let us know when the judgment of the dead goes to the judgment of the living”? Yes, that will be when the 10 Commandments are brought forth.
1:09:44 He says that the Pope is coming with a Sunday Law, but that’s not according to what Ellen White has written. She writes that after God’s judgments (fireballs etc) people will clamor for a way to get right with God, and the apostate Protestants in America will call for a Sunday Law. The Roman Catholic Church will make sure to do it in Europe and perhaps more, but not in America.

Let’s study to show ourselves approved unto God.

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