Richard Ruhling’s prophetic interpretation says Loma Linda to be destroyed on Passover 2019

I first heard the name “Richard Ruhling” many years ago, as he was a doctor at Wildwood. Now he has a video response to Mark Finley’s rebuttal of David Gates “Even at the Door” video. Richard Ruhling’s response to Mark Finley’s video on David Gates

Here is my takeaway from his video:

2:43 He says David Gates moved to the jungle and cut off every support from the U.S. Then he comments on how large Br. Gates’ ministry is, saying that God has blessed him.
But just as I reminded Br. Gates when I called on him to repent in 2010 for saying the money in America would fail (it didn’t of course), he came back with how many orphanages and schools he was running, and I told him by that standard, the pope was really blessed of God!

5:20 “(Prophecy) can also be future”. Amen and amen!

6:00 He rightly shows that Mark Finley twisted the order of Revelation 13, trying to make it appear the 42 months occurs BEFORE the deadly wound is healed, when it is actually AFTER.

6:45 Unfortunately he goes into conspiracy nonsense with “New World Order” being written on our money means that those who “handle the money” know where things are going. I’ve studied this out, and that “New World Order” slogan was put there to show that we in America are under God and have a Republic, and not under the old papal monarchy system in Europe.

7:09 “I believe David Gates’ timing is correct too”. No it isn’t. September 23, 2015 was NOT the true Day of Atonement. Plus, this begs the biggest problem with Br. Gates’ sermon – he is getting up a time-excitement, which we are expressly forbidden to do.

7:43 He shows correctly that the Two Witnesses will have a future, final fulfillment.

8:15 He shows he believes that the 7 Trumpets are literal, future events – praise God!

8:35 “Those are early statements by Ellen White”. Here he makes an unfortunate error in trying to justify time-excitement now, by saying God’s commands to not do that were “early statements”.

11:04 He gives a very good explanation showing how we look to the experience of Israel coming out of Egypt to see what we are going to experience at the end time.

11:24 He talks against abortion, which is wonderful, but doesn’t touch on the fact that our SDA Church officially supports abortion.

14:42 “The evidence supports David Gates’ impression that next spring will be huge”. No, Br. Ruhling. You’ve just ruined your entire video by stating here that you are in favor of raising a time-excitement. Please repent.

14:57 He makes the astounding claim that the pope talking to the Congress of America is the Abomination of Desolation!!! Ridiculous!

17:25 He rightly says that the GC leaders sent Ellen White to Australia basically to get rid of her.

19:34 He believes that God is not with the SDA Church anymore. I don’t agree. But I do agree that Ezekiel chapter 9 will be fulfilled, and we need to be sighing and crying for the abominations done in the Church.

Around the 20:00 – 24:00 area he promotes his book “God Bless America?”

From 24:00 he shows how the Passover timing is still important.

24:45 “Topics that explain who he (God) is and what he wants from us include the Statutes and Judgments that Elijah was to restore.”

25:10 “Those Statutes and Judgments… enjoin the Sabbaths, the annual Sabbaths.”
Amen and amen!

25:37 “As the days of Noah, the flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month.” Never heard this before….

26:17 “The last parables of Christ all fit that timing – 14th day of the second month”. hmmmm. I need to study this out.

26:40 He talks about Jesus’ parable where Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a man travelling to a far country. Wow! That WOULD mean that he is talking about a Passover in the 2nd month. However, the Spring Feasts have all been fulfilled, haven’t they?

29:12-30:03 He makes the case that he thinks Loma Linda = Jerusalem, so it will be burned down next Passover (2019).

32:04 He thinks we SDAs will give the Three Angels’ Messages for 3 1/2 years, then the Beast will arise and rule the world for 3 1/2 years.

He packs a lot in this 32:24 presentation. He shows that the standard SDA historicist teaching on prophecy is just putting people to sleep. He doesn’t really support David Gates’ view, and basically uses this time-excitement to promote his own studies in that area. His idea that the Abomination of Desolation happened on September 23, 2015 is ridiculous. I’m excited to see him support the Feasts of the Lord, but sad to see him try to tie that into some time excitement. All in all, a very interesting video, worthy of a watch for any SDA interested in prophecy

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