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seventh-day adventists and abortion

I’ve written a few posts already regarding the sin of God’s church in condoning abortions. Now i’ve made an 11-minute video about it. I’m hoping there will be feedback on this, to make it better, as i am certainly just an amateur!
Seventh-day Adventist Church and Abortion video

If you wish to download the youtube video to your own computer, and cannot, please leave a comment and i will try to help you out.

The music was provided by youtube user DJMichaelOrtega: music by DJMichaelOrtega

Here is the text used in the video:
Seventh-day Adventist Church and Abortion

The Seventh-day adventist church has an official document called “Guidelines on Abortion”. This video is to protest the position my church has taken.
My Seventh-day Adventist church prides itself on “keeping the commandments of God and having the faith of Jesus” – the 2 identifying marks of God’s church at the end time.

But the sad fact is, we make no pretensions to keeping the 6th commandment. Somehow we think that standing up for the 4th commandment like no other denomination does will make up for the killing of little, innocent children inside their mother’s wombs.
Many of our church members don’t have any idea that this is going on. We trust our leaders to be guiding the ship in a safe manner, unaware that for the sake of money, we have sold our soul.
This sad state of affairs started in earnest under the leadership of Neal Wilson in the 1970s, and every succeeding president of the church has condoned it. This is what he said while president of NAD in 1970: “Though we walk the fence, Adventists lean toward abortion rather than against it. Because we realize we are confronted by big problems of hunger and overpopulation, we do not oppose family planning and appropriate endeavors to control population.”
Ministry Magazine August 1991 Abortion: history of Adventist Guidelines

If that is not a Laodicean position, i don’t know what is.

why don’t seventh-day adventists oppose abortion pill mandate?

As Seventh-day Adventists, we know very well that in the end time we will see America coalescing around religious ideas that we need to be right with God, but they will mistake what “right” is, and just follow the Roman Catholic Church’s definition. A large reason for that, is that the RCC is the only big organization with any form of moral compass left.

This is a quote from an article in The Weekly Standard titled “U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops: Obama’s Revised Contraception and Abortion Pill Mandate ‘Unacceptable'”:

First, he has decided to retain HHS’s nationwide mandate of insurance coverage of sterilization and contraception, including some abortifacients. This is both unsupported in the law and remains a grave moral concern. We cannot fail to reiterate this, even as so many would focus exclusively on the question of religious liberty.

It sickens and saddens me to see them getting all the spotlight on standing up against the latest government mandate to provide services to kill the unborn. Everybody with any moral character at all knows deep down that they are doing the right thing in this case. My question is where are our Seventh-day Adventist leaders and hospital administrators??? We should have been the ones to get the large free publicity in this situation, showing that we are standing firm for the word of God. But i hear nothing. In going to the ANN website, i see absolutely nothing regarding this even in communications to our own members, let alone to the world. If we do not stand up for the silent today, we deserve to be silenced in the future.

Isaiah 1:16 Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; 17 Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow. 18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. 19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: 20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken [it].

Yes, our judgment, if we do not repent, will be sure and just.

jesuit priest teaches seventh-day adventists about missions

The Alumni Association, School of Medicine of Loma Linda University is celebrating the 80th postgraduate convention March 1-5, 2012. One of the featured speakers is Greg Boyle, described as a “Jesuit priest”.

Mission Emphasis Vespers, Friday, March 2, 7:00 p.m., Loma Linda University Church
Author of “Tattoos on the Heart”
Jesuit priest
Described as the Gandhi of the gangs of LA

greg boyle to give talk on missions at loma linda university church

I protest.

God’s covenant with Israel, as seen thru Seventh-day Adventist eyes

This shows what we SDAs normally think of God’s covenant with Israel, and what it means to us today.

And God gave the 10 Commandments. Then he said to treat the slaves well (of course we are more evolved today and the idea of having slaves is repulsive anyway), don’t take usury from a neighbor (unless you put your money in a bank, in which case you don’t know what they do with your money, so don’t worry about it), don’t have sex with animals (obvious), don’t take or give bribes (unless it is like in calling a SDA institution by the name of someone who gives it a lot of money), do lots of stuff with blood and guts of animals (glad that era is over), keep the feasts (until Jesus comes and does them so we don’t have to), eat only clean meat (we’ve evolved past that too to such a high plane that we don’t eat any meat anymore – smug smug wink wink), you must purify a woman after childbirth (whaaaa?), you must wear blue tassels on your clothes (who’s heard of that?), if you have some body issue, you are unclean (just wash it off), don’t have sex with your relatives (that’s gross anyway), you must rebuke your Brother if you see him sin (we are kinder than that and believe in “do not judge”), don’t sow two kinds of seed in your fields (who farms anymore anyway?), don’t round the corners of your beards (what on earth?), don’t eat the fruit of your trees until the 5th year (what a waste), you shall reverence my sanctuary (what’s the big deal? we like to have christmas parties and bazaars and even dramas and movies in it), you shall not give any of your children to Molech (but we have more compassion than you do God, because we believe that if it is a hard thing for the mother to bear her child, it is OK for her to kill it), if your children curse their parents, put them to death (tsk tsk, God, you are soooo intolerant. just let them feel their oats for a while. they’ll come around), you shall kill the homosexuals and sorcerers (but we are so far more evolved than you are God, we just LOVE them), you must keep 7 feasts (you did that Lord so i don’t have to, besides, it would be a real hassle, plus we don’t even know how to calculate the feast days or know what to do on them. wasn’t that just a jewish thing anyway?), you shall let the land rest every 7th year (not really practical in today’s world is it God?), you shall let everything go back to its original owner in the year of jubilee (then how could we live in this world?), if your Brother becomes poor, let him live with you (what! and have some stranger staying in my house!?), and remember to pay a tithe (yes Lord, this is very, very important, and we will promise to enforce this one to the letter).

And God said: Do you promise to do all my commandments and statutes and judgments and enter into a covenant with me and receive my blessings? And all the 21st century Seventh-day Adventists said: God, there are some really good ideas here, some that could be hashed out and improved on in a committee, but some of them are really just inappropriate today, and quite a few of them are so unloving and intolerant, that we really would rather just pass. Thanks anyway. But we’ll be sure to keep most of the 10 commandments, and stay away from the more objectionable sexual perversions, try to eat clean food, and of course pay the tithe. The rest tho is just too much bother. Surely we’ll get the majority of your blessing anyway for keeping some of these things, and we are really too busy to worry much about losing the little blessings from some of the more obscure things. The whole covenant thing sounds kind of old-fashioned. We just want to love you Jesus, but all this other stuff is a bit much, don’t you think? Hope to see you come on the cloud someday and take us to heaven 🙂

should the bride teach the bridegroom?

There is a very interesting discussion going on commenting on recent General Conference action to consider allowing commissioned ministers to be conference presidents. Quite unsurprisingly, it was brought up by the North American and European divisions. Why “unsurprisingly”? – because this motion is another step in having women be just like men in the church in positions of authority and responsibility. The world church still does not allow women to be ordained ministers (but does allow ordained elders!?), so nearly all of the current “commissioned ministers” are women according to my understanding.

Praise God, this motion was defeated.
Adventist news

It is very encouraging to see around 1/2 the comments stand for the Word of God as revealed in 1Tim 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” and 1Cor 14:34 ” the women should be silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak. Rather, let them be in submission, as in fact the law says.”

To those who would say that “Ellen White would be disqualified if we followed the Bible today”, the Bible teaches in ICor 11:5 ” But any woman who prays or prophesies…” that it is perfectly fine for a woman to pray and prophesy – but no where does it say a woman should get up in front of men and teach them. There are absolutely no examples given of that in the Bible.

One explanation is clearly seen in how Jesus considers his church (see Ephesians 5). He is the bridegroom, and we are the bride. Would it be a proper thing for his bride to start teaching him? When we say we are more “enlightened” than God, so now we will have women to rule over us, aren’t we in fact lessening the authority and sacredness of our lovely Saviour – Jesus Christ?

Sad to say, we Seventh-day Adventists want to be just like the world as much as possible, so we elect women to be leaders over us. It is not surprising when those women elected leaders want to have the same privileges for all women as men currently have.

Please understand i believe very strongly that this injunction against women teaching in the churces is not applicable when there are no men in the church, or when the men refuse their God-given responsibility. The strongest sermon i’ve heard live all year was by a woman lay-member at the Kobe church. But when there are men present, they are the ones who should be doing the teaching. That is God’s given instruction for proper order in the church.

The reason this subject hit me hard when reading it today, is that i did not attend the Kobe church last Sabbath, because a woman was scheduled to preach. I told my reasons to one church elder, and she said that part of the Bible was “old”, then told another SDA member who said i was “sexist”. The pastor just sent me a reply yesterday, saying basically that it was a “cultural thing in Paul’s day”, plus “it would throw many women out of work today who are already teachers and pastors in our churches”.

No, it is not surprising, as i know these type of excuses to disobey the Word of God are prevelant. It is still sad tho to meet face to face. I told them that if the Bible shows different, please inform me so i can fall into line. But otherwise, i would rather keep the Bible sayings and injunctions rather than disobey by calling parts of the Bible “old”, or calling God “sexist”, or worrying about how someone would lose their job for obeying Jesus. Another thing that is troubling about the pastor’s remarks (and please understand, he is the strongest/most conservative pastor i’ve seen among currently-SDA-employed pastors in Japan), is that he is saying some of the exact same words people will use in the Time of Trouble to urge us to not be so strict about keeping the Sabbath of the Lord.

Shouldn’t obeying God’s word be uppermost in our decision-making?

seventh-day adventists do pink glove dance

Seventh-day Adventist Health System personnel are prominent in a dance video for a breast care center, as reported by the Hartford Sentinel pink glove dance

Hundreds attended the “Pink Glove Dance” video premiere at Movies 8 Cinemas inside the Hanford Mall on Sunday after the Adventist Health Breast Care Center open house earlier in the day. As movie participants entered the movie theater on a “pink carpet,” they were photographed by “paparazzi.”

Video participants, who are local breast cancer survivors, family members of survivors, community members, businesses, organizations and Adventist Health employees, filmed the video earlier this year, wearing pink medical latex gloves as they performed routines to raise breast cancer awareness and to promote the opening of the Breast Care Center.

Here’s the YouTube video for it

Is this really what God had in mind when he gave Ellen White visions regarding how his chosen remnant people should conduct their health care???

Dave Westbrook of tries to prove words in Bible can be changed

Recently i had a email exchange with Dave Westbrook who has the web site He has done a lot of good in calling people, especially us Seventh-day Adventists, out of the baleful influence of the cities, to live in the countryside as God has instructed us thru his messenger – Ellen White. He also has some prophetic interpretations and charts which are interesting.

Recently i went to his website again, and listened to a few minutes of a sermon he had on inspiration. After listening to him explain how the words of the 10 Commandments are different in Exodus compared with that in Deuteronomy, he came to the conclusion that it is OK to change the words of God. This position has huge ramifications for the foundation of our belief, so i sent him a message on a form on his web page, which elicited a email from him. We exchanged emails a few times, and in the interest of warning others of this pernicious doctrine that the words of God have been, and can be changed, i post this exchange for all to read and benefit from. May we stand firmly for the truth once delivered to the saints, and never, ever cast doubt on even one word of God.

>>>> This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
>>>> daniel
>>>> Hello Brother, While i have respected the work you have done for many
>>>> years in calling our SDA Brethren to a closer walk with the Lord in
>>>> country living, i was very discouraged today to see that you are
>>>> throwing
>>>> doubt on the inspired words in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. “Man
>>>> shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of
>>>> the mouth of God.” Please uphold the words from God.

>>> From: Dave Westbrook
>>> Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 12:57 AM
>>> To: daniel
>>> Subject: Re: changes in the books
>>> Dear Daniel,
>>> Thank you for your email expressing your concern. I am puzzled, however,
>>> and would like to know what materials you found from our ministry that is
>>> “throwing doubt on the inspired words in the Bible and Spirit of
>>> Prophecy”? Please clarify this. Thank you.

>> From: “daniel winters”
>> To: “Dave Westbrook”
>> Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 5:40 PM
>> Subject: Re: changes in the books
>>> Good morning Br. Dave,
>>> Sorry for being remiss in not explaining where the error was. The
>>> Subject line of my email explains it a little, but i should have expressed the
>>> exact title of the audio in error. It is in “Have the Books Been Changed?”
>>> Many things i heard in that audio are throwing doubt on the Bible and Spirit
>>> of Prophecy. The words written therein are from God, and we are in deep
>>> peril if we ignore or belittle even one word.
>>> Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out
>>> of the mouth of God.
>>> Let’s keep focused on Jesus,
>>> Daniel Winters

>> From: Dave Westbrook
>> Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 9:53 AM
>> To: daniel winters
>> Subject: Re: changes in the books
>> HI Daniel,
>> Actually, that message shows the errors of those who are teaching that
>> the Spirit of Prophecy books have been changed, and books like The Desire of
>> Ages, Acts of the Apostels, etc., cannot be trusted. Those who believe
>> that God could not protect the messages in the Spirit of Prophecy from being
>> tampered with behind her back and during her lifetime, are the ones who
>> throw doubt on God’s word as revealed in both. It is the attack against
>> the testimony of Jesus that is addressed in both parts 1 and 2 of that
>> series, and thus has everything to do with focusing on Jesus – the Word. Perhaps
>> you are unaware of this attack. Unfurtunately, there are many being taken in
>> by it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I believe that you are off
>> the mark in your critique on this one. God bless.
>> Dave

more adventist muslim mush called advent interfaith initiative

I heard a while back that there was one man in the Michigan conference, from Australia, who was giving the straight gospel truth to the Muslims, and having success at bringing them to Christ. Well, today i finally tracked down who it is, and watched a seminar given by him (Rodney MacCullum) and an associate (Sam Bonello) and one other helper (Jared Thomas). Here is the video of the event held at the ASI conference in 2009:

Sad to say, there were many points of concern, and i cannot recommend this organization: “Advent Interfaith Initiative” to anyone. While not being quite as pro Islam as Jerald Whitehouse and Stephen Dickie, there is still a lot of falsehood being passed off as truth. The most fundamental problem which i’ve seen with all these Adventist-Muslim people, is that they believe the Qur’an is a holy book, and that the god of that book is the same God that Christians worship. So with a platform based on the same teachings, it is no wonder that their teachings have many commonalities, because they don’t give the straight truth as it is in Jesus Christ.

They also have a website called People of the Book publications: The same thing is seen there as in their speeches. That is, the Qur’an is upheld, and Allah is synonymous with the true God, both of which are very much against true Christianity.

God is not mocked. Just because the Qur’an professes to believe the God of Abraham does not make it so. The Qur’an is emphatic that God has no son, but the Bible is emphatic that God has a son. This is clear enough that anyone willing to, can see that the Qur’an is not from God, and consequently, the god of the Qur’an is not the same as the God of the Abraham, because Abraham worshiped the true God, the one who has a son.

I do agree with their teaching that we should show love to the Muslims. Many of them are much more sincere and searching for truth than we Seventh-day Adventist Christians are. Would Jesus shun them? Of course not, he would try his best to reach them where they were, and, here is the important difference between what we should really be doing as Christians, and what the Adventist-Muslim people are doing – is that we should be lifting up Jesus as the Son of God, the Saviour of the world.

The Qur’an, in referring to Isa, (which is claimed to be Jesus, but is not the true Jesus), says regarding Isa: Sura 43:59 He is nothing but a slave on whom We bestowed favour, and We made him a pattern for the Children of Israel.

But the Bible says: John 14:6 Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me.

Pretty clear here about how much the Qur’an really values the Son of God – nothing but a slave. In contrast, Jesus calls himself the way, the truth, and the life. Notice that there is no other way to God – either you go thru Jesus, or you just don’t get to God at all. This basic pillar of Christianity has been overlooked for far too long in the name of “all you need is love”.
Rodney MacCullum says in the video:

“I thank the Muslims, because if not for them, there would have been no Reformation.”

“Please don’t tell me that Allah means something other than “God”.”

He gave a talk in a mosque with Stephen Dickie.

He reads from the Qur’an in a favorable light.

“Islam is just like ourselves, they want peace. Bless them….”

He talks about calling himself a “Seventh-day Adventist”, but says nothing about being a Christian. The next speaker explains why.

we’re all good, we should not judge each other, and morality is relative – NOT!

As Oprah Winfrey’s television show comes to a conclusion this week, USA Today is challenging the queen of daytime TV’s spirituality, quoting authors who say Oprah’s beliefs are “absolutely contrary to the true teaching of Scripture and historic Christianity.”

The report by Cathy Lynn Grossman opens by asking to whom will Oprah turn now that she’s leaving the TV talk circuit.

“God?” the report asks. “Not likely. Many Americans no longer believe in a mighty judge who sets the rules for life now and forever. Instead, many of us sing Oprah’s song of self-redemption.”

Oprah told Piers Morgan on the CNN host’s opening show: “I am the messenger to deliver the message of hope and redemption.”

USA Today says to a vast extent, American culture has bought the message: We’re all good, we should not judge each other and morality is relative.

O no! USA Today challenges Oprah on Jesus Christ

Sadly, this message has seeped deeply into God’s remnant Seventh-day Adventist church. The stark truth proclaimed by God’s messengers in the past, like Noah, Moses, Elijah, and John the Baptist to name a few, were primarily – Repent -. Even Jesus’ first preaching was about – Repent -. But today we are so much better than the humans living then, right? We don’t need repentance, right? There is no need for a strong message today, right?

There are special duties to be done, special reproofs to be given in this period of the earth’s history. The Lord will not leave His church without reproofs and warnings. Sins have become fashionable; but they are none the less aggravating in the sight of God. They are glossed over, palliated, and excused; the right hand of fellowship is given to the very men who are bringing in false theories and false sentiments, confusing the mind of the people of God, deadening their sensibilities as to what constitutes right principles.

Ellen White, Notebook Leaflets

The ministers preach smooth things to suit carnal professors. This is just as Satan would have it. They dare not preach JESUS and the cutting truths of the Bible; for if they should, these carnal professors would not hear them. Many of them are wealthy, and must be retained in the church, although they are no more fit to be there than Satan and his angels. The religion of JESUS is made to appear popular and honorable in the eyes of the world. The people are told that those who profess religion will be more honored by the world. Very widely do such teachings differ from the teachings of CHRIST. His doctrine and the world could not be at peace. Those who followed him had to renounce the world. These smooth things originated with Satan and his angels. They formed the plan, and nominal professors have carried it out. Hypocrites and sinners unite with the church. Pleasing fables are taught, and readily received. But if the truth should be preached in its purity, it would soon shut out hypocrites and sinners.

Ellen White, The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels

catholics value life more than seventh-day adventists

Yesterday there was a large rally in Washington D.C. supporting the right of the unborn to be born, instead of murdered. March for Life article

There is even an article in The Washington Post with the almost-mocking title: Seventh-Day Adventists and Abortion.

But the denomination may be the only theologically conservative Protestant group that allows elective abortions. Many of their own members didn’t know that their worldwide hospital network performed the procedure, which has been quite the discussion on the Adventists for Life Facebook page. A number of posters were shocked to learn the denomination’s stance.

What is sad to see, is the Roman Catholic church is in the forefront of upholding God’s commandments in this situation. We Seventh-day Adventists like to huff and puff about how the Catholics have changed the 4th commandment, and done away with the 2nd, but where are we when it comes to the 6th? Why are we so silent? Could it possibly be because we are making money on killing the innocent? Adventist hospital allows abortions.

What happened? How can a church who definitely IS the remnant church of God condone in any way the killing of the most helpless – the unborn? How hypocritical is it that of the many “conservative” SDA “ministries” out there, there are zero well-known ones supporting the unborn, and perhaps only 2 or 3 in existence at all? It was a very noticeable absence at the last General Conference Session in Atlanta to see many ministries doing wonderful things with spreading the gospel, with promoting health, with promoting education etc., and yet not even ONE ministry devoted to saving the most helpless! What happened to the spirit of the pioneers who went as far as to defy the laws of the land to protect slaves?

Might the problem lie with MONEY, and also with the fact, as noted in this article, that the abortion issue is “divisive”? We all just want to hug each other and feel good and warm and fuzzy and after a little social clubbing at church, go back to our regular lives the rest of the week, right? This article also raises a very interesting prospect, when it says that the Seventh-day Adventists were the only Protestant church group expecting to attend a “March for Life” rally held in Canada. Perhaps God is using this issue to help SDAs gain favor in the eyes of the Catholics when the Sunday Laws do come about? But here we are instead, more interested in being “in common” with everyone else, and frankly, just more interested in ourselves rather than in others.

There is one SDA man who is very involved with helping the unborn, that is Nic Samoljuk, editor of sdaforum. He even wrote his dissertation on this subject, available here. Here is an interesting quote: “One of them is that two third of Adventists were pro life twenty years ago, but the General Conference assigned the power to write the “Guidelines on Abortion” to the LLU, and the rest is history.” Please take some time to peruse his site. No doubt there are many, perhaps MOST Seventh-day Adventist members who do not know about these things, thinking that their church is trying to follow God in ALL the commandments, when the truth is different.

May we become pro-active, saving the lives of the unborn children, and call on our leaders to take the moral high ground that has been handed over to the Catholics, so that everyone will know that we stand for the whole truth of the Bible, and a life-giving God.

final call with David Gates, asking him to repent

After 4 weeks with still no contact at all from David Gates, the man who personally invited me to come volunteer at Gospel Ministries International, i sent him a email requesting information. He said i could call him, which i did just a little over an hour ago.

We talked for around 10 minutes, and the first half was cordial. His problem with what i had done was said to be with the posting of his replies to my emails which can be seen on the “Converging Crises Review” blog post. He believes they should be confidential, like this telephone call today, while i do not. Also, i do not believe his problem is really with his replies being posted, but with the content of my review pointing out problems in his sermon, as that is what Jon Wood was writing against in his first email to me about this.

When we are offended personally, or someone has done something bad just to ourselves, then of course, we follow the Matthew 18 counsel, and take it to them privately. However, the errors espoused in the Converging Crises sermon are open to the whole world. They have been spread by dvd, by youtube, by all the methods commonly available. So, to meet the error, the warning against it must be just as wide.

Written by Ellen White, in Notebook Leaflets:
When men endanger the work and cause of God by their own wrong course of action, shall they hear no voice of reproof? If the wrongdoer only were concerned, and the work reached no farther than him, he alone should have the words of warning; but when his course of action is doing positive harm to the cause of truth, and souls are imperiled, God requires that the warning be as broad as the injury done.

I read this paragraph to him, but there was no direct response.

Does my personal expulsion from GMI fit into this? – only as it shows that there are serious spiritual problems there with the leaders. About 7 minutes into the call, it was obvious that there was no hint of admitting of wrong-doing, and i said: “Please repent”. This created quite a firestorm, with a flurry of words explaining to me what a great work he is doing, and how you cannot condemn someone who has done 90% or more good things, and how many orphanages are being run, and how i cannot be the Holy Spirit for someone else (?!), how i’ve hurt other men of God (probably referring to Jeff Reich) and and and. Over the last 3 minutes of the call i probably repeated these 2 words 10 times, and then closed with a “good bye”.

This showed clearly the main reason why God led me here – to lift up my voice against sin. In the 5 months i’ve been back in America (longest in 12 years) i’m struck again and again by the arrogance of us Seventh-day Adventists, and the refusal to call sin by its right name. I believe this is why the Lord is allowing us to go off into all these errors, like conspiracy theories, unconditional love, don’t judge, etc. We don’t like it when we are told we have sin. Believe me, it isn’t pleasant for the reprover either! I would much rather just smile and say “that’s good, that’s nice” rather than do such an unpleasant task, but then, i wouldn’t be faithful to God, would i? Why should the stones get the glory of doing the work that God gave me to do, because he says even the stones will cry out if we don’t cry out against sin?

Testimonies to the Church #21:
But, as an ambassador of Christ, you are required to be faithful, to correct wrong in love, and meekness, and your efforts will not prove unavailing.

Soon after the telephone call ended, my thots were:
1. Luke 12:3 “Because whatever you said in the darkness will be heard in the light, and what you spoke to the ear in private rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.
2. The pope is probably around 90% right too, and he is in charge of thousands of orphanages, so should we stop pointing out his sins?

After sleeping on this overnite, i have this to add:
SPTA12, A Message to Our Physicians:
A man standing in the high position of a leader, and yet setting an example of wrong-doing, advancing principles that God repudiates, will be taken in the snare of Satan. He may say wonderful things. He may visit the sick, help the poor, and go through the entire list of activities, and yet never bring honor to God.
When the ambitious leader empties himself of self-glory, when he repents and confesses his sins, when he brings himself into subordination, then there will be hope of him. Until he gains this experience, the Lord has no use for him. Self must die. The character that he has been forming for years must be changed; for his own purpose has been to gain his own way and carry out his own purposes.

Brother David, there is hope for you – please repent.

become a sinner for Jesus!!??

Well, it wasn’t quite in so many words like that, but that was the intent of the advice i received yesterday.

Yesterday, October 16, 2010, was quite an interesting Sabbath, one which makes me seriously wonder if God’s church has much of a future.

Now i stay near what is considered a bastion of conservative Seventh-day Adventism, (at least by North-American standards) Southern Adventist University. After riding my bicycle around 30 minutes in the chilly, pleasant sunshine to the Iles gymnasium, where Samuel Pipim was scheduled to give the main sermon, i sat and listened to a Brother Golden Lapani from Malawi give the Sabbath School lesson talk about some of his life experiences. Supposedly, he has led 32,000 Muslims to Jesus Christ. Being very interested in that, i went up to him after his talk, and asked him personally what he thinks of some pastors using the Qur’an to reach the Muslim people. He said it is a good book, and i said it is a satanic book, and he asked me if i have ever read Romans. When i assured him i have, he said: “Paul says that to reach a drunkard, you must become a drunkard”. I assured him that nothing of the sort was written in the Bible, and asked him if Christ ever used the book of Baal-worshippers to reach the Baal worshippers? He replied that as far as he knows, there was no book of Baal worship in Jesus’ time! This was my first clue that he was not interested in discussing what he was doing, just wanting to tell people what he was doing. Then he said what gave me the title for this blog post: “You must become a sinner to reach sinners.” Well, i could tell that he was not interested in following what the Bible has to say at all, and after listening to him say “How many souls have you brought to Christ? I’ve brought 32,000!” and replying that if we have pride we will not be in heaven at all, i took my leave. What a deception! What a fatal deception! And the seemingly highly-educated lady standing near him would just agree vigorously with anything he had to say. So sad.

So a couple of friends and i walked over to the large Campus Church where they were showing a video on forgiveness. Seems that some young lady had gone to South Africa to help the poor there and gotten murdered, but her parents had been able to forgive the murderers. That part was very well and nice, but then they started talking about the dead girl looking down on them from heaven and approving of what they are doing! I got up and walked out. About a minute later, my friends came out too, saying that after i left, the video had the dead girl being reincarnated into her parents! And nary a peep from all the hundreds of church-goers there?! Lord, wake us up! Send us fire to burn all our stuff down if necessary, just save your people! Don’t let them all be put to sleep by the enemy!

Then we walked down to the Collegedale Academy church, where Clifford Goldstein was going to preach. As we walked in, i heard music coming from the meeting place very similar to what elders in my church where i grew up, told me that i would go to hell for listening to. And here it is inside the church now!! A smiling man at the door erased his smile when we told him that this kind of music is not from God. He assured us that the “words are good”, and that there are drums in the Psalms. (i can’t find that). We told him that this rock music is not what God wants for us, and then he started smiling/(smirking?) again.

We waited in the library for the heavy metal noise to stop, and used the time wisely and studied chapter 36 of the 1858 Great Controversy. After being bounced around from here to there by error during the morning, it felt wonderful to have a quiet, safe, error-free environment. It hit me how if this is what it feels like in a “strong” SDA environment, what it must feel like when all the forces of hell are unleashed on us in the future.

Adventists should “avoid criticism”?

The Adventist News Network has an article quoting SDA President Jan Paulsen while in Africa. There are two things he said that are very troubling. Jan Paulsen in East Africa
Paulsen also spoke at Sabbath worship services in Mombasa, where he emphasized the value of unity within both the church and the broader community. Adventists in largely Muslim Mombasa should live in peace and harmony and avoid criticism, he told the congregation.

“We worship one God … so I am coming to Mombasa to worship with my family,” Paulsen said, adding that religious convictions should not stir tension in the community.
With due respect to the leader of Christ’s body on earth – The Muslims and Christians DO NOT worship the same God.

Secondly, Christ himself brought on criticism and tension in his community.

God said thru Ellen White: “But when they make special efforts to accommodate themselves to the peculiar ideas and feelings of their hearers, in order to avoid criticism, they will weaken their own testimony, and fail of the object they wish to secure. They will do injustice to their mission, injustice to themselves, and also to those who criticize them.” STMW(1897).

God said thru Matthew: 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Brother Paulsen, please repent and give the trumpet a certain sound.

no need to keep sabbath?

In the March 2010 edition of Adventist World, there is an article by Dennis Meier, a pastor of a SDA church in Hamburg, Germany.

He writes these words:
“I do not believe that you have to keep the Sabbath in order to be saved.”

My response to the Adventist World editor is:
Does the same apply to “You shall have no other gods before me”?