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It’s been a long while in the gestation stage, and took much longer than planned to complete, but finally the video asking many leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, of which i am a member, to repent for teaching that the god of Islam is the same as the God of the Christians, has been completed and uploaded to Youtube.

This should be very easy to understand, as the Qur’an emphatically says that god has no son, while the Bible emphatically says that he DOES have a son.

Many of us Seventh-day Adventists seem to have forgotten who Jesus is, and are telling people that the god of the Qur’an is the same as the God of the Bible.

Sura 18:4 And to warn those who say: Allah has chosen a son, 5 (A thing) whereof they have no knowledge, nor (had) their fathers, Dreadful is the word that comes out of their mouths. They speak naught but a lie.

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
1John 2:23 Anyone who denies the Son does not have the Father either.

This video is to give information to those in the SDA church who may be wondering about Islam’s god, and to call God’s remnant church to repent for denying the Son of God.

The movie is around 20 minutes long, and is in 2 parts up on YouTube:

The entire script:
Once upon a time all Seventh-day
Adventists knew that Jesus
was the Son of God, and
that the only way to the
Father was thru him.
(John 14:6)

Then a shocking event occurred
on Sep. 11, 2001, causing a
rush of interest in studying
about Islam.

I too became interested, and, while
not recommended, as i see no
example of Jesus or the prophets
reading the book of Baal to reach
the Baal worshippers, i read the
Qur’an (formerly called Koran).
What i found verified what i had
always been taught – the Qur’an
teaches a different god than
the God of the Bible.

To see for yourself, check:
or download a Pickthall
English translation here:

Now it is true that there are many
similarities between the Bible and the
Qur’an. Perhaps 70% sounds just like
the Bible with stories of Abraham,
Noah, Moses, and Jesus, but most of
these stories have strange twists like
Noah’s son drowning in the flood,
and Mary giving birth to Jesus
under a palm tree etc.

I discovered 3 main doctrines in the
1. Allah is only one, he has no son
2. Eternal doom and torments for
3. Allah does whatever he wants

Some specific examples are:
“…The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was
only a messenger of Allah, and His
word which He conveyed unto Mary,
and a spirit from Him. So believe in
Allah and His messengers, and say not
“Three” – Cease! (it is) better for you! –
Allah is only One God. Far is it
removed from His Transcendent Majesty
that He should have a son….”
Qur’an 4:171

The Messiah, son of Mary, was
no other than a messenger,
messengers (the like of whom)
had passed away before him….
Qur’an 5:75

Now it is true that the Qur’an
often speaks very highly of “Issa”,
(who is said to be “Jesus”).
But there are many put-downs too.
So is Jesus really nothing more than
another “messenger, like those who
came before him”?

And lo a voice from heaven,
saying, This is my beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased.
Matthew 3:17

Allah of the Qur’an has no son,
but God of the Bible does have a son.

Which one is the true God?
Is it possible they are both the
true God, or is the difference so
plain that anyone searching for
the true God can understand?

Is Jesus “no other than a messenger,
like those who had passed away
before him”? or is it true “That at
the name of Jesus every knee
should bow, of things in heaven,
and things in earth, and things
under the earth” Phil 2:10?

I believe this is the crux of the
matter. Satan’s problem isn’t so
much about jealousy against the
Father, it is against his Son –
Jesus Christ.

Did the Holy Spirit give Ellen White
anything to say about Islam?
The Home Missionary: 1892-09-01
Mohammedanism has its converts
in many lands, and its advocates
deny the divinity of Christ. Shall
this faith be propagated, and the
advocates of truth fail to manifest
intense zeal to overthrow the error,
and teach men of the pre-existence
of the only Saviour of the world?

My first experience with SDAs
believing that Allah of the Qur’an
is the same as the God of the Bible
came in 2003 in a magazine
article written by Steve Parker,
a board member of Jeff Reich’s
Laymen Ministry News, titled
“Two Muslims and a Waldensian”

Laymen Ministry News 2003
number 174

I had had a very good relationship with
LMN up to this point, living/working
with one of their sponsored pastors
in India for 4 months, and giving
LMN all the inheritance money
i had received.

So it was a great shock to me to
learn that they believe Muslims
worship the “Creator God”, the
same one we do. After several
emails, we parted company.
I don’t know if it is related,
but that issue of their magazine
seems to be the last one printed.

Our Seventh-day Adventist Church
has 4 Global Mission Study Centers.
One is called: “Adventist-Muslim
Relations”. The director now is
Lester Merklin, but the one before
him was Jerald Whitehouse.
I went to a seminar he gave at
the Thailand Mission 2007-11-25.

Not only did he say “We (Muslims)
worship the same God you do”, he
said both Christians’ and Muslims’
problems could be solved if
“We each get back to our books”.
He continued, saying “I’m not
Christian, I’m Adventist”.

“To defend Christianity is to deny
my faith with Muslims.”
“You are there to strengthen
Muslim’s faith.”
Now Ellen White wrote that they
“deny the divinity of Christ”,
but our leaders are saying we are
there to “strengthen their faith”?

After the talk i went up to him
privately and showed him 1John 2:22
“Who is a liar but he that denieth that
Jesus is the Christ: He is antichrist,
that denieth the Father and the Son.”
He replied that Jesus didn’t usually
go around telling people he was
the Son of God, so we don’t need
to either.

It was my comment tho, about what
reaction Muslim’s will have when
they find out their “holy” book is
from Satan that elicited “If you
say that in my meeting, i’ll have
you thrown out!”
If this was an isolated case, the
damage wouldn’t be so bad, but
sadly, this mindset is spreading
among us. Prominent SDA
examples include SULADS,
Sylvain Romain, Bryan Gallant,
Stephen Dickie, Rodney MacCullum
John Carter, and Dwight Nelson

Sylvain Romain, 6th-generation SDA,
former Albanian Mission Director,
said in a meeting of his i attended in
October, 2010: “Jesus as the Son of
God is advanced doctrine and not basic
to Christian thinking”!! and
“Never criticize Islam, Allah,
the Qur’an, or Muhammad”.

Now of course we don’t put down
anyone’s religion just to put it down,
but shouldn’t we point out their errors?
I mean, one of the main things SDAs
are known for is their criticism of the
papal system! And to say that
“Jesus as the Son of God” is not basic
to Christianity is just,,,, well,
“another gospel” i would have to say.

Bryan Gallant used to be connected
with the Quiet Hour, and was the
director of Adventist-Muslim Relations
for NAD. I had contact with him
over a 3 year period, and he seemed
to be sincerely trying to present Christ,
but with reservations. However, in a
Quiet Hour article since taken off the
net he says:

“Muslims worship the Creator God.
This would be the same Creator God
referenced in the Bible as the God
of the Jews and Christians”.
But as shown earlier, there is no other
way to the Father except thru
Jesus Christ. Actually, Jesus Christ
is the Creator, so to deny that he is God
is to deny the Creator.
This should be very obvious.

If you don’t have the Son, you don’t
have the Father who sent him.
“Whoever denies the Son does not
have the Father either; he who
acknowledges the Son has the
Father also.” (1John 2:23)

So yes, it is true that even the Jews
today do not worship the same
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
that we Christians do

Stephen Dickie is probably the most
visible SDA proponent of this new gospel.
His book, “Islam, God’s Forgotten
Blessing” is available at many
Adventist Book Centers.
In it he says: “Allah is the same
God that you and I pray to”.
“Islam’s reformation is in front of
them today”.

“The Qur’an teaches that when you die,
you’re dead.” But the Qur’an itself says
in 20:74: “Lo! whoso comes guilty unto
his Lord, verily for him is hell. There
he will neither die nor live.” and 22:19
“…boiling fluid will be poured down on
their heads, 20 Whereby that which is in
their bellies, and their skins too, will be
melted; 21 And for them are hooked rods
of iron. 22 Whenever, in their anguish,
they would go forth from thence they
are driven back therein and (it is said
unto them): Taste the doom of burning.”

So we see the Qur’an DOES teach eternal
torments and that God has no son.
How can this possibly be the same God
that the Christians believe in?

I had email contact with Br. Dickie,
but he did not retract any of his

What were the results of his preaching
to the Muslims?

Listen to the answer in his own words,
thinking about how which biblical
figure he is emulating, and whether
God approved of it then.
(hint: 1Kings 19)

“I was only doing an experiment”

… “and i didn’t give the full message
what i felt is necessary for a person
to know the truth.”
???? !!!!

Well, that experimentation business with
peoples’ souls certainly seems far removed
from the example of Christians in ages
gone by, but surely our Seventh-day
Adventist-employed speakers would have
a better grasp of the truth, wouldn’t they?
Advent Interfaith Initiative, led by
Rodney MacCullum, featured speaker
at the ASI convention in 2009 says:
“What the Qur’an says about Jesus… and
i agreed with Islam.”

Should we really be agreeing with
Sura 43:59?
“He is nothing but a slave on whom We
bestowed favour, and We made him a
pattern for the Children of Israel.”
Some translations have the word “slave”
as “mortal”, or “servant”.
Isn’t Jesus the Creator of the universe,
God in the flesh, the Son of God?
or is he “nothing but a slave”?

“Don’t die on a hill that Allah means
something other than “God”!
“Die on a hill”??? That sounds sacrilegious
to me. Then there is the all-too-familiar
fallback to discussing word origins, which
is evading the main issue – Is the god of the
Qur’an the same as the God of the Bible?

“Islam…are just people who want peace.”
Maybe Brother MacCullum skipped Sura 2?
“190 Fight in the way of Allah against those
who fight against you, but begin not hostilities.
Lo! Allah loves not aggressors.
191 And slay them wherever you find them,
and drive them out of the places whence
they drove you out, for persecution
is worse than slaughter.”

Allah says to “slay them”, and that
“persecution is worse than slaughter.”
But God says:
“But whoever strikes you on the
right cheek, turn the other to him
also.” Matthew 5:39 and
“Love your enemies, do good
to those who hate you, bless those
who curse you, pray for those who
mistreat you.” Luke 6:27-28.

With so many obvious differences, how
could anyone possibly get confused
with equating the god of the Qur’an
with the God of the Bible?!

John Carter, a SDA evangelist who
has led thousands of people to
Christ would surely know who
Christ is, wouldn’t he?

“Allah is the same God that the
Christian worships, i believe.”
Ut oh.
How can an evangelist for Christ forget
that Christ has a Father, thus automatically
excluding Allah as being his Father?
Yes, i understand very well that the
word “Allah” is used in some Bibles to refer
to God. Word origins is not the subject under
review. The subject is whether or not
the god of the Qur’an is the same as
the God of the Bible.

The clear, unambiguous answer is:
“No, the Allah of the Qur’an is
not the God of the Bible.

Dwight Nelson, pastor of Pioneer
Memorial Church at Andrews
University and one of the best
known Seventh-day Adventist
speakers knows Jesus,
doesn’t he?

First of all, the subject is not about word
origins, but who this “Allah” is. “Allah”
in the Qur’an has no son, “God” in the Bible
does have a son. How can they be the same
being? Secondly, the name “God” has

to do with some Nordic pagan god. Wikipedia
has a good article on the word’s origin. But
again, that is not the point under discussion
at all.

Pastor Nelson, please show me even just one
place in the Bible where God is called “The
God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, AND
Ishmael”. Doesn’t Galatians 4:30 show the
position of the bondwoman and her son?

If you are adding to the Word of God,
be careful that you repent as
Revelation 22:18 warns what will happen
to those who add to his word.

The conclusion i have reached from
my personal interaction with these
SDA brethren is somewhat fantastic,
but it is that this new gospel is not out
to lead Muslims to Jesus, the Son of God,
and have them become Christian, but it
is to lead them to Jesus as something
other than the Son of God, make them
feel good being a Muslim, and make
SDAs comfortable being called
“Muslim” too.

In an article written by Asif Gokaslan
on, a lady commented
“Oh how I love reading stories of the
conversion of Muslims (and Jews).”
He replied:
“Honestly I do not convert but I became real
Muslim when I found my Lord and my Saviour
Jesus Christ and He is right there in the

I am a Muslim or I became real Muslim when
I accepted Jesus Christ. We as a Muslim, we
do not need to convert. we just need to see

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Qur’an.”

Here is one concrete example of a Muslim
who responds to this new gospel by declaring
that Muslims “do not need to convert”!!

So are there any SDAs
upholding Jesus Christ as the only
Saviour, and yet still reaching out to
Muslims? William Johnsson gives
mostly good advice (except the non-
Christian part) in the Oct. 2010
issue of Adventist World:

May we repent, stop being
ashamed to call ourselves
“Christians”, and lead all people
to the only way to the one true God
– his only begotten –
Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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  1. God is Revealing Himself to Muslims
    “Heaven’s plan of salvation is broad enough to embrace the whole world. God longs to breathe into prostrate humanity the breath of life. And He will not permit any soul to be disappointed who is sincere in his longing for something higher and nobler than anything the world can offer. Constantly He is sending His angels to those who, while surrounded by circumstances the most discouraging, pray in faith for some power higher than themselves to take possession of them and bring deliverance and peace. In various ways God will reveal Himself to them and will place them in touch with providences that will establish their confidence in the One who has given Himself a ransom for all” (Ellen White, Prophets and Kings, pp. 378, 379).
    We are blessed to know the One, Jesus Christ and to believe in His sacrifice for us.

  2. Very insightful.
    You obviously have fulfilled Matt. 18 with al these people and quoted them in context. My experience is very different to yours with those I have spoken with that you quote. They say they have never met you or have had conversations with, or email communications with you. Why is that, may I respectfully ask?
    I am told you selectively post comments? Is this true?

  3. Thank you Mahdi.
    I notice you are from Australia, probably Sydney. It is interesting that you spammed my comment section posting under the names “Mahdi”, “Fluer”, and “Grium” 4 comments within a 20 minute period.
    I forgive you for your deceitfulness, and for your insinuating lies about me in your post, and pray that you will repent, and follow our lovely Saviour – Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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