what has an idol done for you today?

In Values class today we reviewed the Mid-term exam.  We spent a little time with the last section, as that dealt with idols.  I drove home the point in several different ways that an idol cannot help you at all – it can’t speak, it can’t move, it’s just a rock or whatever somebody made it to be.  The kids got into too, making statements showing they fully understand that an idol is not going to get up and help you.  One girl, when i asked what an idol was going to do to help you if you have trouble, made the cross-legged position, closed her eyes, and put her fingers in the classic pose of this idol that is seen so often in Thailand, usually golden in color, sitting imposingly in or around a Buddhist temple.  I couldn’t help but laugh, and praised God inwardly that they fully understand that this rock isn’t going to, isn’t able to, cannot possibly, do anything at all, and will certainly not help you!

Then one student mentioned something, and 3 others (his brother was one) chimed in “yes, yes”.  “My mom said that there are good idols, and there are bad idols”.  Well, i was surprised, but quickly responded: “Even the GOOD one, what can it do to help you?  Can it get up and scare off a bad person who wants to hit you?  Can it give you food?  What CAN it do for you?”  They practically shouted out “NOTHING!!”  Praise God, praise God!!  I’m so happy i came here, and so happy that there are at least 7 young kids in Bangkok who have heard, and said it themselves, that idols cannot do anything at all 🙂

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