audio for 1858 great controversy working!

The old version was read by me in my room in Japan, and recorded on a cassette, then done over to computer format, so was not very clear.  Last year, while in Pune India, a man who works at our SDA Western Indian Union for VOP or some other audio ministry found out that i wanted to re-record this book, so invited me to his home where i stayed for 2 days recording this book.  It took him about one year to edit it and send it on a CD, and about 4 months for me to see the need of getting it up on the internet – but today it is done!

Please check it out at:

The book is broken out into 4 downloads, with a total file size of around 71mb, so you will probably need a fast connection to get it all.  If anyone cannot download it, please contact me here by leaving a comment, and if necessary, i will be happy to mail it to you on a CD.

The same man also mixed my recording with a music background, and i plan to get that version ready for the internet soon 🙂  May God bless the man in India who helped so much to get this ready, and may he bless all the listeners too.

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