warm fuzzies

On Tuesdays i always go to the Kobe church to do volunteer English teaching. There are 5 classes with around 28 kids. Sometimes i wonder if it is worth travelling 4 hours round trip and then being there for 5 1/2 hours or not, but the other day one mother told me her 3rd-grade son looks forward to Tuesday more than any other day of the week, and while i was gone to America he kept asking “when is danny coming back? When is the next English lesson?” and looking at the calendar to mark off the days. She said since her son has no father (i didn’t ask why), i’m like a father-figure for him. One other mother who was listening said her son feels just about the same.

Lots of happiness, and a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you are wanted by somebody.

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  1. Sometimes things seem so pointless to the trouble we go through sometimes. We ask ourselves what’s the point. So in our minds we are ready to give up or quit. And just when we do, it is almost seems like God gives us the feed back and says, “Keep going” and encourages us to go on. He knows we can’t see from where he see, so that’s where the feed back comes in and keeps us going.

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