Christ didn’t keep the ceremonies, but did keep the sabbaths

When i first started studying out the Feasts of the Lord at the urging of my cousin’s husband, i came across an article by Joe Crews. He lumped the feasts with the ceremonies, and showing conclusively that the ceremonies ended at the cross, said that the holy days did too. That sounded good to me, so i believed it. However, more and more i see i was wrong to believe so.

At the recent Bible Explorations Passover/Unleavened Bread campmeeting in Terra Bella California, there were few talks on the Feasts and Statutes of the Lord, but someone gave a quote by Ellen White that struck me hard, and should put this matter to rest:
Advent Review and Sabbath Herald (6RH), 10-24-1899, Our Example

Christ passed through all the experiences of his childhood, youth, and manhood without the observance of ceremonial temple worship
In other places, we have Jesus’ direct example that he DID keep the feasts. (Matt. 26:17 etc.)

Now tell me, when we are before the great judge of all the earth, will he be more likely to say “Well done you good and faithful servant” to those who did like Jesus did, or those who didn’t do like Jesus did?

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