testimony for the church number 19

Testimony for the Church Number 19 (1868) by Ellen White is now available on the internet over at http://earlysda.com/testimony/testimony-19.html It can be downloaded in RTF format by going to the Downloads page.

This Testimony is largely directed at ministers in the Seventh-day Adventist church who are basically just working for their paycheck. They may bring souls to Christ, but if they don’t have the living connection with him, they will lose their own soul. Exercise and fresh air are recommended, and then there is a section regarding fanatics. This applies directly to me, and helped me to repent this last week of something I have done: “They have no care to discriminate and render honor to whom honor is due. They manifest a proud, rebellious, defiant spirit against those who differ from their opinions.” While we must point out error and lift up truth, we should not do it in the wrong manner. There is the usual epistle to someone speaking against masturbation, showing how common this sin is among God’s people, and against “castle building” (living in dreamland), and then closes with an exhortation to attend yearly church meetings.

This particular book was taken from a photo-copy of a photo-copy of a photo-copy…. and as such, the original spellings were left as in the original. There are several spelling/typesetting mistakes, listed at the end. There are many instances of what i deem to be “spelling variations”, so did not list them. If there are other spelling/typesetting mistakes in this book, please email me.

As i personally scanned/typed this in, there are no copyright violations, and i make this Testimony available to be copied or printed with no copyright restrictions.

May it be a help to all of those who are walking on the narrow way, with their eyes focused on Jesus 🙂

3 thoughts on “testimony for the church number 19”

  1. Oh, thanks so much for this!! What a wonderful work this has been for those of us who want the originals. I’m sure it has been a blessing for you too in re-learning all these principles.

  2. I decided to do a search and it is interesting that two of these epistles do not have a match in the current testimonies: # 1 and 5

  3. Thanks for checking this out newbie 🙂
    I put these up on the net, hoping and praying that they will be of benefit for those searching for truth as for hidden treasure.
    To know that epistles #1 and #5 are not in the current 9-volume Testimonies set makes me even more determined to get the remaining ones up on the net. Yesterday i proofread around 40 pages of #20 🙂 God is good!

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