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Well, the time spent with Gospel Ministries International was a little over 3 months. It has now been 10 days since i was told to vacate the place, and as there seems to be no more news forthcoming about this, i guess this will be a wrap-up, at least from my perspective.

David Gates kindly asked me to join GMI at the General Conference Session last June, and i went to volunteer my service there in July. I helped with odds and ends, and learned video editing, went on a couple of trips to run a video camera, and spent most of the time with media.

A little over 2 weeks ago now, i received a email from one of the leaders “J” with a very angry tone about what i had written concerning Br. Gates’ sermon “Converging Crises” in March of 2009. I had emailed the review of that sermon to Br. Gates before posting it, and am glad to say that several people have seen this review on my blog, and were benefited by it. But this leader did not know about it (as he was not even involved with GMI then i don’t think).

It seems like probably that email went to several other people at GMI, and one person talked to me about the mocking tone in my post. While not agreeing to having done anything wrong, i did see after our talk that i had used two words that were wrong, and repented, and deleted them the next morning.

Then on Sunday evening, exactly 10 days ago, the manager of personnel (J) talked with me. About 3 or 4 minutes into his talk, he said that if i write anything slanderous on my blog concerning him, that he would sue me. I could hardly believe my ears, and asked if this was the spirit of Christ. After that, not much else even registered, as the spirit of the dragon was abundantly evident. Near the end of his 45-minute talk, he asked me if i know what happened to “tattlers” in his elementary school. I told him i didn’t, and he said they got beat up. Of all the people who have threatened me with bodily harm in the last 20 years, why is it that they are ALL fellow-believers???

He asked if i had followed Matthew 18 in pursuing problems i have with Br. Gates’ sermon. I told him i did follow the first part, but not the second part. I did mention during his talk that we should rebuke public sins publicly, but i did not push that point. That was my mistake. When error is propagated publicly, Matthew 18 does not apply, as it is not between “he and you alone”. Of course it is best not to show dissension among God’s remnant people, so we should try to settle differences without going public, but as the response from Br. Gates in March 2009 was showed no sign of even discussing the problems in his sermon, i published the review, hoping it would help others of God’s flock who have questions regarding the message.

I’m thankful that i did not raise my voice during the “talk”, something which i no doubt would have been eager to do if this had occured 25 years ago. So i thank God for working on my emotions. I mean, how can we get too excited about ourselves when we think of what our dear Saviour went thru – and at the hands of his own people?!

One of the strange things is, is that Br. Gates, the man who originally asked me to join, has not contacted me at all on this…. Two of the other leaders had a problem with what i had written, and i’m cast out. Is this the way a Christ-centered, Faith-based ministry should be run? The personnel director gave me two days to find a new place to stay, and i’m very thankful that a couple did take me in quickly.

My brother is glad that i’ve left a “cult” (in his estimation) (altho i agree “yes” men are the most welcome there), but i can definitely see the hand of God in leading me to GMI, and also in leading me out of GMI. The experience of living closely with like-minded believers is something that my growth in the graces of Christ needed. I hope i was able to be of benefit to them also. My prayer goes out for the leaders that are mixing error with truth, and more so for the torn sheep there who, like me, are desperately wanting to know the will of God for their lives. Praise God there are some who will follow the Lamb wherever he goes 🙂

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  1. God Bless you Brother Daniel in your Biblical choice here. If someone needs to bodily threaten you because of the Truths you are written, then they clearly show of what contrary Spirit they are under.

    The Lamb does not lead to, nor through, guileful lies. Praise God for so sacrificially following Him indeed wherever He goes!

  2. The D.Gates slander is all over websites and forums of SDA’s. He hasn’t sued anyone yet and will not do so. But that personal manager ‘J’ acted as to be expected. He was standing up for his boss and defending him from further harm. It could be at the GMI he heard reports of your sharp critical tongue against what you saw there as not being so ‘orthodox sda kosher’ according to Ellen’s standard. And he knew your writing style of “weeping between altar and porch” over the sins in the church and publicly telling so in your blogs. He was sincere in his threat about the beating you’ll get if you harm his reputation. But it is silly to think you come only (always) to a literal interpretation. Nowadays we hit others with verbal online insults and slander. The goal is to so ruin the opponents reputation that they have a weakened presence publicly. He can do that, I do believe. If you keep on provoking him.

  3. I wish to bring your attitude up to the foreground danny, so all reading know that your heart is not malicious but truly molded by EGW writings. You are an idealist and have done much good with your self-sacrificing life in promoting Ellen’s book to get published in so many languages that needed the original smaller version. He who serves God as you do will be persecuted. That’s biblical, and though hurtful, common to thousands who do not compromise God’s standards. I read through your analysis of David Gates sermon and was totally in support with how you answered. Your words or content was in many others blogs, forum discussion on the sermon, and websites I have been viewing as it first came out. I dislike alarmist, scare tactics and human speculations to manipulate me or anyone. Thanks for speaking out, dear brother.

  4. Gospel Ministries International, Jesus For Asia, and MissionTV are all interconnected.
    I’ve been questioning in my mind whether to specify names, but the more i think and pray about it, the more i know how i would want others to treat me in a similar situation. The personnel director who acted so angrily is John Youngberg. His unchristlike actions have been known by David Gates for a long time. After leaving GMI, i have heard from 2 others who have been ejected about the un-christlike manner displayed. The director of Jesus For Asia is Jon Wood, and the same holds true in his case for one of these other 2 men who were ejected.
    I write this in love, that we will learn to shun the evil, and follow the good. May we repent, and also sigh and cry for the abominations done in Jerusalem, because only those people receive the seal of God in their foreheads.

  5. NJK Project, You have spent much more time and energy in comparing Br. David Gates’ teaching with the inspired word, and i respect you very much for that. Thank you for your help and insights. Let’s pray our Brothers and Sisters there displaying the un-christlike spirit repent and preach/teach the straight truth in the future.

  6. Amen Brother Daniel and thanks to you also.
    Truth is not in popularity nor strength, but in the Infallible Word of God.
    May God Bless you abundantly in all that you do for Him.

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