Stephen Bohr disbelieves Ellen White statement about amalgamation

Many Seventh-day Adventists have a hard time believing in what Ellen White wrote. For example, the following quote regarding “amalgamation” is thrown under the bus by nearly all Adventist scholars and leaders and today I found out that even Secrets Unsealed Pastor Stephen Bohr disbelieves Ellen White when she writes about “amalgamation”. Here is the quote from

“Important Facts of Faith in Connection with the History of Holy Men of Old” (Spiritual Gifts v.3):

Instead of doing justice to their neighbors, they carried out their own unlawful wishes. They had a plurality of wives, which was contrary to God’s wise arrangement. In the beginning God gave to Adam one wife–showing to all who should live upon the earth, his order and law in that respect. The transgression and fall of Adam and Eve brought sin and wretchedness upon the human race, and man followed his own carnal desires, and changed God’s order. The more men multiplied wives to themselves, the more they increased in wickedness and unhappiness. If one chose to take the wives, or cattle, or anything belonging to his neighbor, he did not regard justice or right, but if he could prevail over his neighbor by reason of strength, or by putting him to death, he did so, and exulted in his deeds of violence. They loved to destroy the lives of animals. They used them for food, and this increased their ferocity and violence, and caused them to look upon the blood of human beings with astonishing indifference.

But if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. God purposed to destroy by a flood that powerful, long-lived race that had corrupted their ways before him. He would not suffer them to live out the days of their natural life, which would be hundreds of years. It was only a few generations back when Adam had access to that tree which was to prolong life. After his disobedience he was not suffered to eat of the tree of life and perpetuate a life of sin. In order for man to possess an endless life he must continue to eat of the fruit of the tree of life. Deprived of that tree, his life would gradually wear out.

Here Pr. Bohr shows his disbelief:
The Ellen G. White Estate’s Francis Nichol shows his disbelief:
David Read, while showing his disbelief, gives very detailed insight into the brouhaha this quote has caused among Adventists, and covers the history of a special debate called by the G.C. just on this subject in San Francisco in 1947:

“Amalgamation of man and beast” was a “base crime”.
It is not possible for animals to commit crimes.
Humans and animals interbred.
Any other explanation is showing disbelief in God’s messenger.

Pastor stephen Bohr disbelieves Ellen White and should repent for his unbelief in the Lord’s messenger.

Stephen Bohr disbelieves Ellen White and ancient artifacts

I have seen historical artifacts on the internet clearly showing such base crimes as amalgamation of man and beast. Here is a site with pics of some to get you started on the subject:

Let’s believe God, instead of throwing doubt on God’s words.

6 thoughts on “Stephen Bohr disbelieves Ellen White statement about amalgamation”

  1. Thanks for your article. Very informative and enlightening as to what we see going on today. We surely are seeing the signs Of Christ soon return.


    Dear Saints of the Most High God,
    Special Christian greetings to you in the Name Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is soon to come. Please I need more information from you soon. Iam an Independent and Self-Supporting Elder in Zambia-Luapula Province. Continue being faithful to Him who called you and sent you for many be called but very few are chosen who are blessed like you. Continue the tremendous work you are doing by Proclaiming the PRESENT TRUTH MESSAGE which is needed in these last days of the Earth’s history and very soon you will be rewarded. Pass my warm Christian greetings to your beloved family and the entire Members of your Ministry. God bless you and your beloved family and may His coming rejoice your hearts.

  3. Jeannie J LeFrancois

    There are many older people that do not understand the things within amalgamation as I understand it. But it does not help to not be unified. Distraction & Distortion of a peer Warrior is called “Friendly Fire” meaning you killed some one on your own team.

    Amalgamation is not a point of salvation. Neither is why that there is so much human trafficing with addition to Adrenochrome was going on before the flood. It just helps you understand the big picture.

    We do have a common ENEMY that is satan. Lets keep our eye on the ball? please

  4. Jeannie, why don’t you believe it is more important to follow the truth in the words given by the Holy Spirit, rather than try to uphold some human who currently chooses to disbelieve those words?

    Do you believe what Ellen White wrote about amalgamation of man and beast?

    I agree completely that we need to be unified, but every error is from Satan, and there can be no compromise with him.

  5. The language allows the amalgamation of man and beasts to be treated as two subjects undergoing amalgamation, not necessarily between the subjects. One of the main problems with disputes, is poor comprehension skills.

  6. Josh, how do you understand: “Amalgamation of man and beast” was a “base crime”?
    How is it possible for animals to commit crimes?

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