Where society was headed in 2008

Recently I updated a page on www.earlysda.com/links.html. It is a page of links I made before I got this new-fangled blog working around 2005. Several things there are very interesting, with one seeming to be prophetic:

2004/12/12 Top Anglican adviser sees economic persecution coming for true church.

Jayne Ozanne, adviser to the Anglican church, speaks like a prophet in this article.

“Sacrificial giving is not a concept that we in the West have either embraced or understood. We are too comfortable and, as a result, too compromised. I see a time of great persecution coming, which will drive Christianity all but underground in the West. I believe that this will primarily take the form of a social and economic persecution, where Christians will be ridiculed for their faith and pressurised into making it a purely private matter.”

(2021, This prediction is occurring right now with social media cancelling, and even banks refusing Christians service!
Sadly, Ozanne came out as gay in 2015).

The link to the original article is on that web page.

Let’s get serious about the persecution that has started for Christians.

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