Seventh-day Adventist pastors promote abortion

This is awful. Seventh-day Adventist pastors are in the list of denominations that have pastors who signed a document asking Tennessee’s governor to oppose legislation that would make it illegal to kill an innocent, developing human that has a heartbeat.

“A group of some 150 Tennessee faith leaders, many of them Christian, have sent a letter to Governor Bill Lee urging him to oppose heartbeat legislation.
In the letter, the religious leaders declare their opposition to the heartbeat bill as well as “all attempts to criminalize and restrict abortion access.”

Such a law would make legislators into the decision-makers, rather than medical professionals and “pregnant people,” the letter states.

The letter was signed by pastors and other religious leaders and activists, including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, and a pagan priestess. Among the Christians, the Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, African Methodist Episcopal, Catholic, Episcopal, Brethren, Seventh Day Adventist, Anglican, and Nazarene were represented among the signatories.”

SDA pastors petition government to kill more babies

Anyone who still gives tithe to the General Conference, knowing that they support killing Jesus in the person of “the least of these my brethren”, is going to have a lot of explaining to do to Jesus in the judgment.


2 thoughts on “Seventh-day Adventist pastors promote abortion”

  1. Yes, Chrissy, it is more than a shame, it is a terrible blot on God’s remnant church.
    “Prolife Andrew” on YouTube is doing a good job at showing how Allred’s money is tainted.
    Sadly, many members and leaders are more interested in mammon than in Jesus – they would (and do in the person of the least of these my brethren) kill Jesus to get more paper with dead presidents’ faces on them.

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