Adventists can’t bring themselves to identify “Islam” as source of Sri Lankan attacks

On Easter, April 21 2019, there were several horrific bombings targeting churches in Sri Lanka. As of this writing, 321 people were murdered.

Who were they murdered by? Of course, it was by Muslim jihadists who believe in their “holy” book, the Qur’an, that commands them to “fight until all is for Allah”.

So what has this got to do with the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Well, just a few weeks ago, and white man who openly stated that Communist China was his inspiration, shot up a mosque in New Zealand, killing 49 people. The world Church was swift in denouncing the attack of terror, and gushed in several articles about how SDA leaders were reaching out to the Muslim community, praying with them, showing them love, helping them, condemning the hatred of the attacker etc. There were at least 4 articles like this in the Adventist Review.

So you would expect a similar or greater response when terror attacks are carried out on fellow Christians, wouldn’t you? Well, as of this date, there are only 2 articles about it, one a short statement from Ted Wilson where he doesn’t even mention the word “Christian”, and an article about the Sri Lankan SDA president who narrowly missed being near a hotel where some bombs went off.

The latter article is especially revolting, not mentioning “Christian” at all either, like Ted Wilson’s statement, but also pointedly refusing to mention Islam or Muslim, stating instead: “While one group has claimed responsibility for the blasts but without evidence to support the claim…” Adventist Review hates word “Islam”

Appeasement, and pretending there isn’t a problem is what led to Hitler’s rise.
Blood is on your hands, SDA Church.
Repent, and follow Jesus!
edited to add: Seems the Hindustan Times has no problem pointing out who did the attacks in this article: “India sent three alerts to Sri Lanka before Easter Sunday attack”.

HT spoke to multiple officials in the central intelligence agencies who confirmed that the videos of Hashim, in which he exhorted Muslim youth from Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala to establish an Islamic rule in the region, were analysed in detail and investigated further by India’s external spy agency R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing)

Attacks were to teach non-sharia followers a lesson

That’s pretty bad when Hindus are more open and truthful about things than Seventh-day Adventist Christians!
edited again: I can’t believe the Adventist Review approved this comment of mine regarding mentioning Muslims as the attackers!! “Why can’t we tell the truth about these terror attacks being the work of Muslims?”

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