March for Life 2019 – no Adventists?

So nice to see so many people marching for the rights of innocent, developing humans in Washington D.C.

The theme this year is: “Unique from Day One: Pro-Life is Pro-Science.”
Humans unique from day one after conception

The pics of the people show decent, reasonable-looking people, not the half-mad, vulgar, pierced, tattooed rebellious bunch that you usually see at Progressive marches.

But where are the Seventh-day Adventists? Why didn’t NAD or the General Conference come out with a communique announcing their solidarity with this group trying to raise awareness that thousands of baby’s lives are being snuffed out every day, and calling on a stop to it? Why does the GC and NAD have heart to condemn every shooting of 10 or 20 people, yet are totally silent on killing of thousands – EVERY DAY??? Hypocrites.

So who fills the void of God’s remnant church shirking its responsibility of protecting “the least of these my brethren”? Of course – the Roman Catholic Church: Catholics seen as moral leaders

We Adventists are going to be spewed out soon if we don’t repent, and follow Jesus, instead of supporting the killing of him thousands of times over every day.

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