David Gates explains “Even at the Doors” video (links to my video!)

David Gates has a video explaining his recent “Even at the Doors” video which has created quite a stir among fellow Seventh-day Adventists for its time-setting excitement that the Vatican will attack America in Spring 2019, and that the SDA Church will start persecuting church members in Spring 2019 also. As you might imagine, his main points are forbidden by what God has given us in Ellen White’s writings: “The times and the seasons God has put in his own power, and why has not God given us this knowledge?–Because we would not make a right use of it if he did. A condition of things would result from this knowledge among our people that would greatly retard the work of God in preparing a people to stand in the great day that is to come. We are not to live upon time excitement. We are not to be engrossed with speculations in regard to the times and the seasons which God has not revealed.” 1888 Materials.

The video is here: https://youtu.be/yEFuPSEd-_4

10:40 Br. Gates, you are doubling down on your lie about a Sunday Law being hidden in the “Law of the Environment”. God has already told us thru Ellen White that the Sunday Law will come about – because the people will demand their legislators to enact a Sunday Law, thinking to get right with God.

13:00 He makes the ridiculous assertion that the SDA church is just one sentence away from “getting rid of the Spirit of Prophecy”.

15:10 His 83 year old father says he prayed and “the Lord has convicted me that what you have presented is correct”. But God’s words say that raising a time excitement will “greatly retard the work of God”.

17:04 “There are no time prophecies which can forecast dates. Even most of Ellen G. White’s comments regarding time prophecies were regarding the setting of a date for Jesus’ second coming. October 22 was – now there’s another date. And there’s no more prophecies. No more tests. Time will no longer be a test for God’s people as it was in 1844.” I have no idea what Br. Gates is trying to say here.

18:30 – A long hearsay story where supposedly some Vatican people gave a message about their real intentions to a group of Adventist missionaries.

21:00 He decries the fact that almost no SDAs pointed out the problems of the pope coming to America in 2015, but checking his channel and writings, there is nothing there either…

22:20 He speaks the truth when he states that there will be disasters before a Sunday Law is demanded by the populace.

23:00 He talks about “extreme dips in the stock market” showing yet once again he is just speaking falsely about things he knows little about. This “dip” was so small (3.10%) it didn’t even make the top 500 top losses of all time. And this is “extreme?!”. This is similar to his “oil prices can only go up” comment in 2008 – ha! Just stay away from things you know nothing about, Br. Gates.

23:20 He makes up ridiculous conspiracy theories again saying that the President and financial leaders are asking about when to create a new currency. That makes about as much sense as his 2008 statement that the U.S. dollar wasn’t being accepted anymore in some South American countries, and that the U.S. “owned nothing”!

25:45 Yes, Br. Batchelor is giving the truth that the 1260 days are literal time in the future. (Hey, that’s the video I uploaded that you are referring to 🙂 What you are doing, Br. Gates, is setting dates for something to happen, which is expressly forbidden of God. When those predictions fail, some peoples’ faith will fail. Their blood will be on your hands. So you are turning people away from the truth of a literal, future time.

30:10 He states that knowing the timing is “exciting” – which is exactly what God forbids – raising up an excitement based on time.

30:25 He is going to have a seminar on this subject of time in Ecuador on December 12-15 “Battles of Faith” on his RedAvenir channel. Seems that Br. Branner and Bryson will be there.

He talks for a while about Br. Finley and says that Finley doesn’t believe Jesus’ coming is soon.

36:27 He repeats the error that President Ted Wilson said there is no Sunday Law in the pipeline. I’ve watched the video where he said that, and it was clearly in the context of being something that leaders and people are actively talking about in the govt. or even other churches. Wilson is correct on this.

38:30 He talks about his many projects – same as he did to me when I showed him he was speaking error in 2010. Then he got angry when I told him the pope had even more projects!

42:00 He talks about his new idea that there is a final 7 year period, not just a 3 1/2 year period.

44:25 He tries to make President Wilson out to be a “delayer” because he spoke the truth that Jesus’ coming might be in a 100 years.

45:48 “I do not believe Jesus will come in 100 years”.

46:15 He calls for pastors to be able to preach different things from each other (contrary to each other) if they want. This is of course directly contrary to the counsel in the SOP that the pastors are to speak with a united voice. However, I do agree that when the leaders are teaching error, we must teach the truth even if they won’t.

49:00 He addresses “What will happen if nothing happens next year?” But he doesn’t hit the nail on the head – which is – that God was NOT leading in this endeavor to get up a time excitement. And even if it DOES happen, it still doesn’t nullify God’s words that getting up a time excitement will: “greatly retard the work of God”.

51:15 He tries to make a strange association between Shawn Boonstra’s sickness in Rome to Jesuits poisoning people.

1:00:30 He shows that he is basing some of his time predictions on his belief that everything has to finish within 6,000 years.

1:03:35 He rightly shows that there are many 3 1/2 year periods in the Bible, and that there is a literal, future 3 1/2 year period.

1:09:50 Thank you for linking to Br. Batchelor’s video that I edited and uploaded to youtube!
My overall thots are that Br. Gates is very sincere, very dedicated, very zealous, correct about many things, but very wrong about others. I’ve believed for many years that there is a final, 3 1/2 year period, so am very happy to see this belief be spread to wake us up. However, tying this teaching to what has been expressly forbidden (time setting excitement) and conspiracy theories, will turn away some precious souls for whom Jesus died. Please repent for teaching error, Br. Gates, and resolve to spread the straight truth as it is in Jesus.

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  1. According to the false Rabbi calendar, the Day of Atonement for 2015 was September 23. According to the true calendar based on how our Millerite spiritual forefathers calculated the Day of Atonement, it was on October 23 that year.
    Do you know how to calculate the DOA, Ed?

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