last day before school

Should be running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but instead spent most of the day scratching my head for the perverseness of one computer on a 3-computer network refusing to print to the network printer.  I felt great when i got the other 2 working, and still wonder what i did wrong for the 3rd one….

 It felt good to get out and go to BigC, a Walmart-like shopping centre, and buy some stuff.  Ink cartridges are behind locked glass, and the employee with the key looked at me like a potential thief, at least it seemed.  He ushered me over carefully to a cashier, where i waited for the lady for around 3 minutes.  Finally the key-man came over and said this cashier was closed, and i should go to the front of the store.  I didn’t even feel anything.  Guess that means i’m almost Thai-ascized.  Things you could not imagine in Japan…..Good and bad.  Like the bus ticket taker who let me ride for free the other day because she didn’t have change for a 100baht bill.  Hmm, maybe i could ride everywhere for free if i flashed a 1,000baht bill??? 

 I got my first junk food in quite a while – green pea curls – buy one at 18baht (53cents) and get one free.  That, along with a bag of 5baht rice, 6baht tofu, and 5baht expired wing beans (raw), along with a touch of ketchup, formed my meal in my guest room at the school.  Yummy while listening to Thai lessons on my computer 🙂

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