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Looking for a place to…..


Seems surreal, to look for a place to call “home”, a place where i can know i have to go back to whenever, whatever.  Feels very strange.  Most of the places were 5 story apts., with no elevator.  The going deal here in the Minburi suburb of Bangkok, is that the first 3 floors will have air-con, and the top two only a fan.  All rooms are just a 4-square “one-room mansion” as they would say in Japan, with a toilet/shower, and tiny balcony to splash water around and hang clothes out to dry.  There is no kitchen.  The only big difference between rooms, aside from air-con/not air-con, is that while most rooms come furnished, some do not.  The price range was from 3,800baht/month for a place with lift and internet and 24-hour guard etc., to 2,700baht for the average one, to 1,800baht for a small, non-furnished spot up on the 5th floor.  Yes, you guessed it, that is the one i want.  Should i jump on it now, or wait until next week when i will first need it?

It seems a bit strange that i can earn more in one day than a month rent costs…. But i’m not looking forward to a tiny cubicle again.  Oh well, i hope to save as much as possible, and help spread God’s words quickly, so he can take me to my mansion in the new Jerusalem 🙂

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  1. Is this blub a present day story or is it a happening two years ago as you were in Thailand? Just asking for the sake of orientation. You told us you are uploading old stories from past postings because of this new server.

  2. This event occurred August 5, 2007. I need to get all my old entries labelled for date of event occurence, and plan to do that as soon after the ASI convention (9th-13th) as i can 🙂

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