da beat

Last Sabbath a little kids’ group came to our church and did some songs.  I got up and walked out.  After they were done, i went back in.  After a bit, they got up and did some more.  I went out again.

After lunch, a western pastor came up and said that he understood why i walked, but that the better way is to work with the people, and slowly get them to see that the worldly type music is not the best.  I politely disagreed.

What lifted my heart so much, and gave evidence of doing the right thing, was that one of the directors of that childrens’ choir is someone i know, someone i thot was quite strong in the faith.  She confided that she was struggling with this, and that her children in the choir were not comfortable either.  She thanked me, saying how this really helped solidify in her heart that her instinct about the music was correct, and she assured me that the group has already made plans to have her be the sole choir director, and she will see that the songs are more Christian.

It is a wonderful plan they have, as the Thai people go out of their way for children, even giving up their seats on busses to them!!  They usually don’t want to hear about Jesus from adults, but from little kids, they can hardly resist 🙂

May we always make a stand for truth, in love, asking “What Would Jesus Do?”

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  1. Now that was real interesting how it worked out with the talk you had to the Children’s choir leader. She was instinctly knowing something was a bit dodgy with the music and you were instrumental in helping her be firm now in better music choices.
    Danny, do sit on the edge aisle seat when you visit churches. You’ll not bother the row of people you have to walk over the next times you need to do a retreat 🙂 🙂

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