ants in pants

There sure was a mean, biting one while i was riding the bus last Friday.  Since it is not decent, and probably jailable, i just sat there and took it while the little critter was biting me in sensitive areas.  About an hour later when i got off, i went to the bathroom to find red welts all over.  Then the itching started.  Funny that i’ve only been bitten by one thing on my long 22-month travel, and then two nites before this, and again.

Buying some caladryl lotion and a huge can of ant spray, along with some chalk seems to have stopped the critters.  Sorry to see several hundred dead ones in my room, but would’ve been even sorrier if even one more of them had bitten me.  I was really thinking that if i would have been bitten around 7 – 10 more times, i might have to go to the hospital or something, as they REALLY ITCH!  haha

4 thoughts on “ants in pants”

  1. How horribly uncomfortable! I’m sorry you had to go through that. Itchy, itchy, itching… what a way to spend the day.
    🙂 just you don’t love being a mini-martyer 🙂 🙂

    As to which critter it was… well…. I have the choice of alot to choose from like ..ants, gnats, bedbugs, spiders, fleas, lice, aliens, electronic distance toture signs from the CIA, Voodoo spell from one of your best enemies?

    so come one… tell me which critter it was!

  2. oops… I left here and went back to front page and saw the title “ants in pants”. now I know. Sorry for not seeing the title right off. It’s a matter of how I zoom in right off to the comments and ignore all the clutter of other sentences above. You would do us a favor to put the date and the title in the beginning of the body of message. Our minds are in overload seeing too much busy-ness on the front page so we filter out lots of tiny important phases or whatever.

  3. Still lots of ants dying off in my room. I live on the 5th floor, so thot it wouldn’t be bad for mosquitos, but didn’t consider the possibility of ants – haha!

    The post title and date posted is just above the red line saying:
    “Posted by daniel”

  4. I found out later where the title was, sorry. Isn’t it common for all brains to be visually enticed by color and especially the color red? It probably is common for most viewers coming to this webpage to zoom the eyes right on to that bright red heading bar where you put your ‘Posted by Daniel’and then carry on reading. If the title was put in the body of the message at left top beginning we would be better orientated, is what I mean. The title of the article should answer right off Who, What, Where, and When.
    (sorry if my opinion offends you, I am just trying to make suggestion that might help viewers)

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