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This is an answer to prayer.  There was a Taiwanese man studying in America to become a pastor who i got in contact with on the internet in 2001, and he translated the 1858 Great Controversy book into Chinese, only wanting as payment a Japanese version of the Bible which i gladly sent him.  I did notice some things in his translation which made me very hesitant to even put it on the internet, let alone print it.  For example, the title of the book he translated “The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels” as just “The Great Controversy”.  He also did (didn’t do) some other things as this email received today shows.

About 10 days ago in Malaysia i met a young Malaysian lady fluent in Chinese who showed a great knowledge of, and desire to spread Spirit of Prophecy material.  When asked if she was interested in translating this 1858gc book, she showed eagerness, and praise God, today she sends me this email!

After having it translated poorly once, then promised to be translated by a lady in Vietnam and a pastor in Malaysia, finally it looks like things are moving forward to get this book into Mandarin.  This encouragement is just what i need before going to the ASI convention and displaying this book in the various languages tomorrow.  Thank you Jesus 🙂


I guess you’ll be really pleased to read this: I’ve actually started translating the 1858 “GC”. So far, I’ve finished the title, the table of content, biographical sketch and the foreword. 

The Chinese translation that you gave me is really a poor one. It doesn’t have a table of content. He added his own words in the foreword.  He wrote that there’re the 1858, 1884, 1888 versions of the “GC”. I didn’t see the same in the English version.  

Since he’s a Taiwanese, he used the traditional version of Chinese font in his translation. I’m using the simplified version since all Chinese in the world except the Taiwanese are using it. So, I can’t just make improvement on his work. I’ve to start all over from scratch. However, I did go through the correspondent portions of his translation while I’m working on mine.

I’ll try my best though I can’t tell you for sure when I’ll finish the translation. I’ve been quite free most of the time prior to
meeting you, but more “work” has been given me since the end of July.
edited 2016-2-10 to add:
The Chinese Great Controversy was put up on the net last May. Please read my blog post about it:



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  1. Praise the Lord!! I share your joy and hope Daniel. Chinese (mandarin) is one of the biggest language worldwide. I will always remember her in my prayer.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It makes me feel good just after eating some unknown material by myself feeling pretty small, then i get this encouraging comment 🙂 Please keep praying for this lady to make a nice Chinese translation, and that Jesus will receive all the glory. I remember your great support while back that way recently. What an uplift!!!

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