younger generation not as accepting of abominations

From Breitbart web site:”A survey produced by the Harris Poll in partnership with Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) finds young Americans’ comfort with LGBTQ individuals has plunged from 63 percent in 2016 to 45 percent in 2018.

According to the Accelerating Acceptance report, Americans aged 18-34 who say they are comfortable interacting with LGBTQ people dropped from 63 percent in 2016 to 53 percent in 2017, and then to 45 percent in 2018…

Among the survey’s findings are that the acceptance of LGBTQ individuals among young women dropped from 65 percent in 2016 to 64 percent in 2017, and then plunged to 52 percent in 2018. Among males, 62 percent were accepting in 2016, plunging to 40 percent in 2017, and then further down to 35 percent in 2018….

John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll, called the survey results “alarming” and “toxic,”reported USA Today.

“We count on the narrative that young people are more progressive and tolerant,” he said. “These numbers are very alarming and signal a looming social crisis in discrimination.”

My takes on this are basically 4:
1. Despite the media & culture onslaught to make abominations “cool”, many young people are rebelling against it. Young people tend to be rebellious, so this is a little bit expected, but I think that many youngsters are seeing the lgbtq crowd as bullies, and don’t like it.

2. Women are more accepting of abominations than men. This is most troubling, as mothers usually have more influence on their children’s characters than fathers do.

3. The head of the polling organization himself is showing his extreme bias. Ideally, polling should be bias-free, but in reality, they are showing that they use polling to try and influence people to think how they want them to.

4. Nearly 75% of Americans claim to believe in Jesus Christ, yet a large percentage of Americans support abominations, showing that the churches of the land, including many in our own SDA Church are not following what God has told us in his Holy Bible. We need to teach the words of God to the younger generation, and live them in our own lives.

May we Christians educate the young to reject all abominations.

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