Wang Fue false “SDA” prophet in Thailand

Wang Fue is the name of a man in northern Thailand who says he has had visions from God for the last 7 years. I believe him to be a false prophet, but since some of my close friends believe him to be a true prophet, i write this post.

According to what has been told me, he was an ordinary farmer. He wanted a deep experience with God, and something happened and he was in a rice field for days, about to die, when God gave him a vision. Even tho he is basically an illiterate farmer, he started writing out what he received from God. He started writing things about biocips being connected to the Mark of the Beast, some of the personal sins of the leaders of the Thailand Adventist Mission, and other things that it would seem to be impossible for him to normally know. Up to this point everything sounds to me too, like he is a true prophet except that i have now found out that he used to be not just an idol worshipper, but an actual sorcerer, being used directly by the devil. This raises a big yellow flag, as i can found no one in the Bible who after being demon-possessed, later became a prophet. Yes, i know the demon-possessed man whose devils went into the pigs later became an evangelist for Jesus, but he did not become a prophet who is directly speaking for God himself.

But this man predicted a huge flood in Thailand that would occur in 2006, one that would submerge half the country after large earthquakes. Well, over 300 people gathered for year-end meetings that year to see it happen. When of course it didn’t happen, over half of the group fell away from the Seventh-day Adventist faith altogether. I heard of a few others who tried to show how “global warming” really did cause floods around the world in 2006, but even they have now rejected this prophecy as false, and have left this false prophet.

But there is still a group of people who believe this man to be a true prophet even after all this. Wang Fue explains that even he didn’t realize the true meaning of the 2006 flood prediction, the true meaning being that there would be “political” earthquakes and floods in the year 2006. Very convenient.

Now i enter the picture when i ask my friend if i can come to Thailand to do the 1858 Great Controversy animation, and help start a homeschool. She asks Wang Fue, and on the very day i arrive in Thailand the answer comes from him: “We are so near the end, that we should not do either project”. Now i can understand if the animation project is out, but to tell people not to start little schools to train up children in the Lord? This is not what any true prophet does.

He is also predicting, according to his dream of 3 cows, that three years of famine will start this year, so we should stock up on rice and cooking oil. This again is against what God had Ellen White write about not stocking up food for the Time of Trouble. He says that this famine will continue until Jesus comes. He is also saying that it is not good to have baptisms or the Lord’s Supper on the Sabbath, as the Sabbath is supposed to be a day of rest. This can be easily disproved by looking at the Spirit of Prophecy, but really, it just goes against common sense too. The Sabbath is to be a “high day” to be with Jesus, and what could be higher than baptisms or the Communion service? Some of the followers have been so diswrought about their being baptized on the Sabbath, that they have asked Wang Fue if they need to be rebaptized. He has told them “no”.

“Ye shall know them by their fruit”. What is the fruit of Wang Fue’s teachings? – Division, strife, contention, disorderliness, and a great lack of love towards anyone who does not believe in Wang Fue. I write this sadly, because one of my best friends displays these fruits now. While at a meeting with this group of believers last Sabbath, one of the men was questioning if there were really any “buildings” in heaven, and that maybe all heaven is the sanctuary, that maybe there is no actual building that is the “Sanctuary” in heaven. This follows after Wang Fue wrote that there is no actual “Sanctuary” building in heaven, but later clarified that there is a “Sanctuary” building, but it just has one room. Anything to strike at the heart of what the remnant people of God need to understand to be able to endure the coming Time of Trouble.

Most of the more prominent members have been disfellowshipped by the Thailand Adventist Mission, and have been told that they will be put in jail if they try to preach at any SDA church in Thailand. While agreed that TAM is very compromised and sinful, needing repentance, i don’t agree that we should “try to be persecuted by them” just to show how bad they are. This is what the group of believers was talking about doing when i was among them.

I’ve just covered the obvious aspects showing that Wang Fue is a false prophet. As said earlier, he writes many good things, things it would be impossible for any normal person to know. Probably over 60% of what he writes is just a quote from the Bible or Spirit of Prophecy, which of course is true, but then a little error here, and a little error there, until the whole is leavened for destruction.

Isaiah 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
2Chronicles 20:20 “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

Please, anyone still believing in this false prophet, turn to Jesus while he is still in the Most Holy Place, pleading our cases, ready and willing to forgive our sins.

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  1. Maranatha Romania Adventist Mission is a lay self-supporting adventist ministry. We are a group of young people and Christian Adventist brethren from Romania, from many areas of the country who want to serve God and people through our time, talents, money and everything we have. As an organization desiring to spread the Gospel, our aim is to work in harmony with the Bible, the writings of Ellen G. White, and the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  2. Wang Fue is a fales prophet, becaues Bible says in the last days many fales prophets shall raise claiming to be from God, Jesus is coming very very soon, keep watch and lets be ready when he comes

  3. Mark, there will be many true prophets in the last days too, as God’s spirit will be poured out, and your young men shall have visions, and your old men, dreams.
    So we need to know God’s words in order to be able to tell truth from error.

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