Vietnamese Great Controversy and other Ellen White books up on net (Sự Tranh Đấu Khốc Liệt)

I was put in contact with a Vietnamese pastor around 2003, and he kindly translated the 1858 Great Controversy book by Ellen White into Vietnamese. I then sent some funds to print a thousand copies or so (once then and then again to help with reprinting later), and also put this book up on the internet (PDF) at:
Sự Tranh Đấu Khốc Liệt

giữa Đấng Christ cùng các thiên sứ Ngài

với Sa-tan và các quỉ sứ nó

Around 2000 of these books were downloaded from my web site in 2009.

Just the other day I received this nice email from that pastor:
It is with great pleasure I would like to let you know that we just created a website of Ellen G. White writings in Vietnamese.

We have seen more and more of our own SDA members showing their doubts in her prophetic gift, with the hope to stop this trend and defend for our faith, we decide to put up this website

with the financial support from our friends in Portland, Oregon.
As for now, only the writings in Vietnamese are up there, but soon we will have Q & A on Spirit of Prophecy, videos and so on.
We also would like her Vietnamese publications to be used in different part of the world and the internet is the best tool. In fact, I got this idea from you 🙂

May God bless you!

4 thoughts on “Vietnamese Great Controversy and other Ellen White books up on net (Sự Tranh Đấu Khốc Liệt)”

  1. Are there Vietnamese translations of Ellen G White’s books? How can I access them? Thank you .

  2. Thanks so much for publishing this. I didn’t see the GC on the EGW site. I just met someone a few weeks ago, but they only read Vietnamese. Praise God! Now I have some literature to give them.

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