parable on abortion for SDAs

A certain woman went down to the nearest Planned Parenthood center. Several people were standing there on the sidewalk holding signs. While she was standing on the sidewalk wondering whether to go ahead with it or not, by chance, an Adventist layman came zipping along in a Civic. He saw the woman hesitating, but seeing the people nearby with signs, thinking that they might be doing something illegal or even dangerous, and wanting to avoid a scene, he turned his eyes back to the road and just slid thru the yellow light.

Likewise a SDA pastor came rolling by in his Accord. As the light turned red, he stopped in front of the woman. When he saw her, he considered how the placard holders were trying to take away her civil right to do something that the country had declared lawful. He lowered his window to tell the protesters that they were doing a bad thing by trying to force their religious views onto others. Satisfied that he had done his duty to God, he raised the window and drove off as the light had changed.

But a certain Catholic, one of the protesters, came to where the woman was, and when he saw her, he had compassion on her. He went to her and gave her a pamphlet showing how the baby is forming in her womb, and how there are many alternatives to having it aborted. She, teary-eyed, asked him if she could go to the care center mentioned in the pamphlet. So he gently put her in his Aspire, took her to the care center, and gave a hundred dollars to the lady in charge, telling her that whatever was needed for the woman to have her baby delivered safely, and then help for raising or adopting, he would take care of it when he came back.

Now which of these three, do you think, was neighborly to baby Jesus?

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