useful travel items

Useful and other things to take on a trip

Things that are super-useful:
1. Quick drying clothes.  It is great to be able to wash at nite, and have them dry in the morning.  Think especially of underwear, socks, and a towel.  My quick-drying towel is probably the single most useful thing on this trip.  You can of course dry yourself, keep the sun off, wipe the sweat off, tie up something that is sliding around the bus etc. etc.

2. Mosquito repellent:
Whether you glide it on, spray it on, or fog it on, just put it on.  Then around you, you may wish to create a mosquito-free bubble, so take a battery-powered Vape thing to put around your wrist or on a belt loop.  This works great in the bathroom so that you don’t get bit in unexciting places.

3. Ear plugs and eye mask:
It is noisy everywhere you go.  The eye mask is good for long bus rides, or for when you wish to take a nap etc.

4. Pepto-Bismal chewable tablets:
In the medicine area, this is tops, with probably charcoal being next.  Don’t forget the Neosporin for the inevitable cuts and scratches picked up along the way.

5. Long sleeve shirt:
This will bring cries of “you’re insane’ from those who aren’t lizard-like (no, i don’t change colors to match my surroundings either).  Actually, it is a bit chilly at nite sometimes, chilly when riding a bike early in the morning, an easy way to keep mosquitos off the arms, a good way to keep from getting sunburned, etc.

6. A separate bag of favorite food:
What’s in mine?  Glad you asked – peanut-butter of course!!  Raisins, nuts or sunflower seeds, and something a touch sweet rounds it out.  Also you can put fresh fruit in the bag at times, and bread also, but be careful not to carry either one around too long.  It’s best if possible to keep away from glass.

7. Extra plastic bags:
Useful in many ways, one of which i never think of, is to keep smelly clothes ready fro the wash separate from clean clothes.

8. A nice-sized, easy to open water bottle:
You’re going to be using it a lot, so get one you can get to the water quickly, and close quickly.  Thank you Disney World for the suckable type i got when my Japanese English student bot Powerade there!  Just suck on it, and the water comes out.  Quit sucking, and the water doesn’t come out.  Just requires two cautions – make SURE the lid is on correctly after refilling.  Don’t refill clear to the top, or a sudden jolt may back-flush the plastic flaps keeping the water in.  For most people, probably buying a Gatorade plastic type with the twistable cap would be a good option.

9. A Computer with usb drive:
Friend, informer, music source, Bible source, everything you could want – it’s here.  The usb drive is to allow you to write stuff on your computer in your room or wherever, then put it on a usb thing, and take that to a internet cafe and upload it to the net, saving time and money at the cafe itself.  Remember to set your drive to “Locked” when taking to a cafe, or inserting into anyone’s computer.

10. Bible and Spirit of Prophecy books:
These are the foundation of life, the heart and soul’s meditation and delite.  Many times while in travel, having a book with you is like having a friend to talk with.

NOTE: Post written in June, 2006

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