Seventh-day Adventist Church makes statement on abortion

In 1992 the SDA Church leaders made an “Official Guidelines on Abortion” document. It was supportive of abortion, thus casting a huge, dark blot on her record. Many supporters tried to play it down as “not being the officially voted on position by the church as a world body”, but it was of course the de facto official position as witnessed by myself in two letters to President Ted Wilson regarding this satanic support for killing Jesus in the womb. I’m also aware of several people who left the church over this issue. I didn’t go quite that far, but came to the point where I refused to recognize Ted Wilson as my spiritual leader.

Well, that’s been changed now in the 2019 Annual Council. The new position is much more biblically based, and makes it emphatic that all the Bible quotes on the subject support life of all innocent humans, including those in the womb. However, in what was most surely a sop to those running SDA hospitals, there is one paragraph that leaves in wiggle room allowing abortion. Worryingly, church leaders showed their reticence to give full support to the document by emphasizing that it is not the church’s official position.

Besides that one paragraph, what troubles me about this new document, is the attitude of President Wilson towards it. He says that this is not to be used to “judge” anybody. Well, we certainly judge church members (and rightly so) if they habitually smoke or beat on the their family members (domestic violence). So why are we putting smoking and DV on a worse plane than killing Jesus in the womb?

God will judge Laodicea righteously for these things, and I pray that if this church founded by God himself doesn’t repent in ashes and turn from this grievous sin completely, that he will judge us with fire and burn down many of our institutions that support killing God.

Here is a link to the new statement on abortion by our SDA church:
SDA statement on abortion

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