preaching 1858 great controversy

A SDA Brother in Indonesia and in Thailand sent me emails this week, both talking about preaching this original edition of the Great Controversy book by Ellen White. Of course my heart is singing 🙂

even we just meet for three days but you as like a fire to burn my spirit up, now i more study about the bible and great controversy. you know, last sabbath I made a lecture in church about spiritism and this coming sabbath they asked me to continue it with Shaking, please pray for me to burn their spirit be faithful. and you know three of my high school students ask me to make a bible study, then suddenly one of them want to be baptized, so this coming sabbath they will come to my church for bible study and to hear the lesson of shaking. they are catholic, protestant, and pantecost. please pray for those students. I saw Jesus is coming soon, many people out side very hunger and thirst of the Words.
Last Sabbath I preached about the “Great Controversy between Christ and his angels and Satan and his angels” and that all of us are involved in it, it doesn’t matter if we want or not. Day by day, with every decision, with every sought and word we are in one of the two companies: of the white banner or of the black banner.

It is very interesting: I preached the last three Sabbaths but in three different countries: in Thailand, then in Romania and than in Moldova. On Sabbath morning I preached in the house of my brother and in the afternoon we went in the city (about 30 minutes by car from my friend village) to present the GC book there. The pastor invited me to preach and it was a very nice time. There were not many people (in the evening not all the people come to the church) but the brethrens participated very active and interested. Then I sold 9 GC books (my friend will collect the money later). I did plane to go on Monday to the Moldavian Union to speak with the brother which is responsible with the literature about the CG. Unfortunately on Monday it was official public holyday and my flight was on Monday night. But my Moldavian friend promised me to go on Tuesday to talk about the book. Do you know? In Moldova they bind the books very nice, like the English GC from India!

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