Pentecostal church in Philippines becomes SDA after reading 1858 Great Controversy!

I’ve been supporting/working with a SDA Brother in the Philippines for the last 12 years or so. He has been faithful in seeing that the 1858 Great Controversy book by Ellen White has gotten translated into Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo, and Ilocano. I’ve met him twice in Sabah Malaysia, and twice in the Philippines, so know how humble and diligent he is.

He sent this awesome email last week:

A pastor from southern Mindanao called me. he needs more cebuano GC books, but i have no stock of cebuano, until now the CVM press continued fix the error (the press that prints our books found out after the latest printing that they had made an error). That missionary pastor is always travel for his supported continued promoting GC books to the churches. He always invited to the churches to give a sermon, and his beautiful and exited preaching is always about the 1858 GC books. that why i counted the GC books that he got to me since he started promoted this 1858 GC book to many churches that he visited, the GC books he got are more than 1000 copies of books.

He has give a GC book and doing a Bible study to the other protestant pastors and their church members and all the members from Pentecostal born again christian church was baptized and they quickly change their front signboard to Seventh-Day Adventist, then they are all happy and crying reading the 1858 GC book. the pastor said, they were amazed when they read the 1858 GC book. I always prayed to God that all the hand had received and accepted the GC book will read and read more and know the truth to the Bible.

Praise God!
All glory to his name!
May his words continue to spread far and wide is my prayer.

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  1. Where can I buy the Ilocano & Tagalog translated version of the 1858 Great controversy book by Ellen G White. Pls. Help! Thanks elizabeth

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