New Nepali SDA Church in Greensboro, N.C. USA

I got an email from someone who knows the former Mission President of the Nepali Mission of Seventh-day Adventists – David Tamsang. He gave me this report recently. Let’s pray for him, and help him as we can!

Oh! I am thrilled to hear the good news that Pr. David has established new congregation and officially organized the new Nepali-Bhutanese Church at Greenboro, North Carolina. The Local conference and GC personnel are very happy and recognized officially. It is historic events and really he struggle for months with prayer. I heard in that area more than fifty thousand Nepali Speaking refugees are there thirsty for truth. Again he plans to move to other areas……. He faced lot of difficulties staying in laymen home without stipend but our Lord Jehovah has really blessed the mission for lost souls.

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