korean man copies bible 7 times

As found in Charles Tidwell’s newsletter, taken from Adventist World magazine:
“Nam Yong Han, a local elder of the Chilbo church in the Southwest Korean Conference, operates an organic farm, raising many kinds of fruits and vegetables. His agricultural techniques have been taught in many countries, including the Republic of Korea, China, North Korea, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

“Nine yeas ago, in January 2003, while serving as a missionary in Beijing, China, Han began copying out these texts, a process he calls ‘transcriptions.’ As of October 2011 he had copied he text of the Bible seven times, as well as a series of the Conflict of the Ages books, and ‘Testimonies for the Church. Han said the hours he spends transcribing are the most joyful moments in his life.”

Wow! I hope he can help those who have no Bible get one. Makes me wonder what am i doing with my life?

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