great controversy books downloaded 2011

It is amazing how God has led people to my web site, and impressed them to download books.

Last year, (extrapolating), over 55,000 1858 Great Controversy books by Ellen White were downloaded. 46,000 Testimonies to the Church and over 8,300 William Miller books were downloaded also.

I remember when i first put the English one up on the web in 1998, i prayed to God that he would help get up to the great total of 100 people a month to download it! Now it is what, around 150 copies per day!! Hope these seeds spring up some day and bear fruit.

Of course i understand that many of these downloads, (maybe 10%?) are just spiders and bots etc., but i really hope that the people who downloaded them will be led by the Holy Spirit to prepare now for the soon coming end times.

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