1858 great controversy book work update

What’s going on with the 1858 Great Controversy book work?

One of the biggest reasons i came back to Japan last year was not only to recharge my own life by being in comfortable surroundings, but to also work to earn money to support further expansion of the 1858 Great Controversy book work. Here is what has occurred within the past year:

Japanese: The Kobe church promoted this book, and gave away around 50 copies to members one Sabbath. There was lots of talk about letting me give studies of the book, but so far, only talk. One man of Brazilian origin ordered a box of 100 of these books, so now there are around 300 left of the 5,000 printed 10 years ago.

Romanian: The Romanian translator diligently promoted this book this year, and towards the end of the year sent me a email saying that all 4,000 copies printed in 2009 have been distributed 🙂 I have offered to support him to print more and travel to promote it. May God’s will be done, and many people there read this book.

Portuguese: A man emailed out of the blue saying that he has just completed translating this book. Being very happy, but with caution learned from many such experiences, i sent a reply to which i’m still awaiting a response.

Spanish: The Romanian translator has been working on a re-translation of this book, as the first translator did not translate faithfully. I believe he is about done, so hopefully we can print soon. There are many Romanians in Spain, so perhaps this Brother can work at distributing books in both languages in Spain?

Armenian: It is frustrating to know that the translation has been completed for quite a while, but it is languishing for lack of proofreaders. I’ve been told that the 1911 edition has recently been translated, and the proofreaders are busy on that, and there is no word when, if ever, they will get to this translation. Finally i asked the translator to find someone, and he said his pastor father would work on it. I’m currently in the process of making the cover art for this book, and hope to see it printed this year.

Tonga: A Brother in Zimbabwe who has emailed me on and off for almost 10 years finally got my attention this year, so i sent him some funds to purchase a computer. He has been a Global Mission Pioneer before, and has recently been elected elder for a wide area in his country, so i hope and pray he is trustworthy.

Kannada: The translation was finished in the early part of 2011, and there were some emails with the translator’s son, and we agreed that it needed to be proofread. Since then, there has been almost no contact.

Gujarati and Marathi: Still in the same condition as when i was in Pune in 2009 – translation completed, but no electronic input done. Praise God that the Brother there sent a email just this week saying that starting next month he will work full time spreading this book in the various languages in India!

Tibetan: Money was sent to the pastor in Northern India at the end of the year to reprint this book which was poorly printed around 7 years ago, and all copies had to be destroyed.

Hmong and Laotian: Just today a email was received saying that a young man in college is working on translating into these two languages.

Indonesian: A young man met in Indonesia in 2010 said the translator i met who promised me he would translate it, is now going around to churches severely denouncing this book! So my friend found someone else to translate it, and told me the translation was completed, but even after many months, there has been no new information.

Filipino languages: My contact in the Philippines wants to work to earn money in Malaysia until his son graduates from college, at which point he will be willing for me to support him while he travels around spreading this book. In the meantime, his wife is handling the few requests for books, and he sent a very interesting email explaining how a former Catholic priest found this book and is captivated by it. Hopefully by this summer, or end of the year at the latest, distribution will start up again in the Philippines for this book.

English: There are still requests for boxes of the books once in a while.

Misc: Just last week a email came from someone in the U.S. saying that this lady’s son would like to devote some time spreading this book in the Philippines and Thailand.
Around 55,000 of these books were downloaded from the internet last year, for which i’m very thankful, and praise God for working on people’s hearts, and leading them to this book. May many souls be in the kingdom because of this is my prayer.

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  1. the great conversely book, (1) what is the price for 20 books, in the Cebuano language ? I live in the Philippines, mandano (2) Can you shipped it to me ?

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