Ben Carson doesn’t identify as Seventh-day Adventist

Ben Carson is a Seventh-day Adventist who is running for president of the United States. Strangely, many of my fellow SDAs are so scared of the coming National Sunday Law, that it sounds like they would rather see someone who is a baby-killing abortionist homosexual 100% tax-taking liar for president instead.

Be that as it may, it has been troubling to see that while Br. Carson says many good things according to the inspired words of God, he has been doing book signings and other campaigning things on the Sabbath.

Now I see in an interview with CNN, he says: “I don’t identify myself as an Adventist,” he said. “I identify myself more as an American who happens to believe in Christ.” That is really sad.

I still think that perhaps God has raised up Mr. Carson to help stem the moral slide of America, and perhaps even be in the right place to help delay the Sunday Law as long as possible. But his recent actions desecrating the Sabbath, and now his outright denial of identifying himself as an Adventist makes me wonder if he would be like a Judas if he got into the top office in the land.
CNN interview with Ben Carson about his religion

I call on you, Mr. Carson, to return to keeping all of God’s words in the Bible, and call on readers of this blog to pray for you.

3 thoughts on “Ben Carson doesn’t identify as Seventh-day Adventist”

  1. Sadly, Ben Carson is one among those who first it seems that he does much for the work of God, but lastly he does more harm than all his good deeds.

  2. I tend to agree he is pulling away from the label “Advent” because I have personally seen him say he attends church just as much on Sunday as Saturday! Take what you will from that.

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