can seventh-day adventists calculate the day of atonement?

Can you calculate the Day of Atonement? As Seventh-day Adventists, you would think that we would have seminars and training sessions on how to calculate it. After all, that was the major focus of the start of the Advent movement – Jesus is coming back on October 22, 1844, get ready!! That was the first angel’s message, and the second was to come out of the fallen churches before October 22, 1844. The third one is to keep the Sabbath, and all of these are wrapped up in the Righteousness of Christ.

Yet today, I dare say that less than 20 of us SDAs (out of 18.8 million) in the whole world can correctly calculate the Day of Atonement.

This day is described in detail in Leviticus 16 and 23. The wording used is the same as for the 7th day Sabbath, which us Adventists keep, but why we don’t see a need to keep this day, which is the beginning of Jesus’ ministration in the Most Holy Place, is a mystery to me.

Whatever the case may be, even if you don’t agree that we should keep this day holy, can you give a good defense to anyone who says that the Day of Atonement in 1844 was not on October 22? That is important, isn’t it? Beware, even the current Karaites say that we are mistaken on this date!!!

I made a little video about how to calculate it, which can be viewed here:

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