encouraging 1858 great controversy work in philippines

Good morning Robin-san,
I got the following email from the Brother i sponsor in the Philippines to spread the original 1858 Great Controversy book.
How are you?.. 3rd week of september i’ve got a new reprinted copies of cebuano version of 1858 Great Controversy book.
i was there at CVM press last week, another challenges to continue promotion, lots of cebuano GC book to the church. When i’d coming back here to this city, two sda brethren waiting for me to buy a GC cebuano book. Last Wednesday evening i’ve been there in north east of this province, i am the one to speak during med-week workship of that church. After our evening med-week program the brethren got 66 copies of cebuano GC book.

Last sabbath i attend a district fellowship meeting, lots of brethren from 11 churches who gather the fellowship rally. and they gave me a time to promoted the GC book, more than 50 copies distributed at that time.

Yesterday, today i took boxes of GC book from mission office that i had stock there, some of stocks i transfer to my house and the other it is store in the mission office. And more CG book still at CVM PRESS. One brethren yesterday i had met at mission office, he inform me that the cebuano GC book that he bought from me before, he distributed to the none SDA. After 4 months some of them that reading GC cebuano were accepted the bible study and be baptized now. And the other a husband not SDA and his wife is sda reading GC cebuano, after reading they accept to be baptized.. Glory to God.

please continue pray for this missonary work to spread this great controversy book to many places. In a southern city one of our brethren an a lawyer, also a city councilor we met again and i heard his sermon and seminar at the afternoon program about the great controversy book. He said to me he needs more copies of cebuano GC book for his seminar program. He said that we must more deeply study GC book and let us united and help for mass distribution of the great controversy book to people that needs the gospel messages.

Here in the SDA Central church i heard a revivalist pastor, he delivered his sermon from GC 1858 edition,,, after i hearing that sermon a big encouraging for me, and I’ve got more ideas how to promote this GC book to churches.
Thank you for a prayer and encouraging,,
Let’s keep this Brother in our prayers, and may God use this inspired book to raise up a group of people who will stand for the truth tho the heavens fall.

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