Ellen White’s prophecy of “blasphemy to speak against spiritualism” soon to be fulfilled by BLM?

I got quite electrifying news last week that Black Lives Matter is based on spiritualistic, African “voodoo” ancestor worship.
It sounds crazy, but here is what went down at a BLM event in LA in 2015:

“Participants arrived dressed in white, in keeping with traditional Ifá ceremonies. Ifá is a faith and divination system that originated in West Africa and involves rituals of chanting, dancing, calling on deities, magic, ancestor worship and traditional medicine like reiki and acupuncture.
At the ceremony, participants joined hands and a preacher facilitated the ritual, conjuring Ford’s spirit and transferring it to the crowd.

BLM and affiliated groups like Dignity and Power Now have been working together to blend a variety of spiritual practices, including Ifá rituals and other traditional African practices, with the idea of “transformative justice” with origins in Quaker and Native American groups. …..

Thomas aims to integrate elements of African spirituality like pouring libations and invoking the presence of deceased relatives into Black Christianity. ”


If you don’t know why it electrified me, it’s because while I’ve already seen that this movement has the power to sweep everything in front of it, I did not know it had the possibility of fulfilling one of the greatest prophecies of the 1858 Great Controversy book by Ellen White, about how evil angels will appear as dead people who went to heaven and came back to tell us things, and how Ellen White writes in other places how it will be seen as “blasphemy” to speak against this almost overpowering delusion of Satan. Even without the visible manifestation of Satan’s angels now, many people are losing jobs and more for speaking out against this madness. The section of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. that has to do with African-American history, came out with a very strange thing this week, saying being on time, working hard, having a normal family, following the scientific method etc. basically were all related to “white privilege”! Of course they always have to put their dig in against Jesus Christ too, as He is their number one enemy.


“I saw that soon it would be considered blasphemy to speak against
the rapping, and that it would spread more and more, and Satan’s power
would increase, and some of his devoted followers would have power to
work miracles, and even to bring down fire from heaven in the sight of
men. I was shown that these modern magicians would yet account for all
the miracles wrought by our Lord Jesus Christ by the rapping and
mesmerism, and many would believe that all the mighty works of the Son
of God, when he was on the earth, were accomplished by this same power.
I was pointed back to the time of Moses, and saw the signs and wonders
which God wrought through him before Pharaoh, most of which were
imitated by the magicians of Egypt; and that just before the final
deliverance of the saints God would work powerfully for his people, and
these modern magicians would be permitted to imitate the work of God.”
A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White 1851.

Get ready, get ready, get ready!
Especially Seventh-day Adventists who already know these things – get ready!
Keep your eyes focused on Jesus.

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