burma orphans

There are Christian groups trying to help the Karen people from Burma. Many of them have fled to the Thai border, but the Thai government is not so happy about having to care for them. This blog is quite powerful in showing what the Christian Karen people are going thru: International Christian Concern’s blog about Karen

There is also a laymen-run SDA organization doing something there too. I’ve met the lady running it, and hope she tries to work more with the SDA organization in the future. At least she seems to be wanting to follow the Bible in most instances, which is great. I met one very elderly NZ lady who has been helping the Karen for many years, and she said that they should take up guns and fight the government! I was shocked, and asked her what Jesus would do. She then asked if i would just sit by why the village was burned and raped and pillaged. I asked her what did Jesus say to do when someone strikes you on your left cheek. So much anger in her…. how can the Karen see the true love of Christ if they are told to fight? I was also told by her that the top Karen rebel leader is/was a Seventh-day Adventist – oh no!!!! No wonder our church is under suspicion in that country: eopmissions.org

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