Stephen Bohr says Adam didn’t keep first Sabbath!

Pastor Stephen Bohr (Secrets Unsealed) is usually firm for the truth, altho I have never cared for his long-winded style and for refusing to condemn sins such as abortion in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. So it is with great surprise that I read today where he says:

Now we are ready to answer fully
the question of why God did not
command Adam and Eve to cease
on the seventh day of creation week:
First, as previously indicated,
Adam and Eve could not
cease from work on the seventh day
because they had not worked the first
six. How could they cease from work
if they had not worked?

I blinked, not believing my eyes. Surely he was leading up to an important point that Adam really did keep the first Sabbath, but then he doubled down by saying:

Third, Jesus could not have told
Adam and Eve to keep
the Sabbath of creation week holy
because He did not make it holy
until He had finished resting the
entire seventh day.



Adam and Eve could not
follow God’s example of
Sabbath observance until He had
first given the example. In other
words, Jesus did not merely tell
Adam and Eve to keep it holy but
rather showed them how to keep it!

This is preposterous. Saying that Adam and Eve “Could not follow God’s example of of Sabbath observance” is tantamount to saying that Adam and Eve broke the very first Sabbath. Like what were they doing, Pr. Bohr? Were they wandering around all over the place doing their own pleasure while Jesus was resting?

Pr. Bohr came out with this article Reflections on a Sabbath debate in which he tries to refute the points made by Steve Gregg in his debate about the Sabbath with Doug Batchelor. But by saying that Adam did not keep the first Sabbath, he has basically shot down his position that the Sabbath is for all humans everywhere from the beginning to the end of this earth’s history.

Stephen Bohr, please don’t barge into debates where your input causes more harm to God’s cause than help.

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