Great Controversy full audio (1858 edition)

Today I put up the narration of the Great Controversy full audio book on Youtube. You can see it here:

Great Controversy complete book’s audio.

Since Youtube doesn’t allow just audio, I put up a different pic at the start of each chapter. If you want to go straight to a particular chapter, you can do that easily by clicking on the little white arrow which should open up a listing of all 41 chapters. Choose which one you want, and get there with one tap. 🙂

So why haven’t I done this before? Well, in the back of my mind, I’ve wanted a new pic for each paragraph in this book for a long time. Rather than wait any longer, it’s time to get something done right now! Actually, I would like to make the whole book into an animated movie.

The Great Controversy audio was recorded in India

This was recorded in India in 2006, and while listenable, not top quality. I really appreciate the help given me there to do this!

I am aware that there is another recording made of the Great Controversy full audio several decades ago, but perhaps this version I did will be of value to some who prefer a different voice.

One cool thing about having it all in one Youtube video, is that if you login and watch it (and like it I hope!) you can logout, and then pick up at the exact place next time you login.

Read along with the entire text of the Great Controversy

The book that this is narrated from is available free on my web site at:
The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels (1858) original edition

I pray this will give glory to King Jesus, and listeners will be saved in His kingdom, forever and ever.

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