First Christian rap

The ancient Israelites were told by God to teach their children the truths he gave them. One of the most effective ways to do this was by using songs and poetry.

In today’s culture, a large portion of children (and adults) aren’t able to tell others what they really believe. They’ve heard many sermons, and read many books, but it just doesn’t “stick”.

Also, church has become more and more feminized, leading many young men to avoid Christianity altogether. But real Christianity is a warfare requiring the power and bravery of young men.

In this vein I became acquainted with Christian rappers. Sure, many of them are basically like secular rappers without the dirty language. Some of them give a nice, helpful message. Some give good Christian truths. And some of them are preachers on a par with David (in my opinion), giving the straight truth in a hard-hitting way that many people (especially young men) can relate to.

The first Christian rapper to get an album at #1 on the charts was Lacrae. Many of his songs are uplifting. Recently NF also got to #1, but his lyrics are hard to tell if they are even Christian sometimes. Trip Lee (an actual pastor) is the real deal. If you can watch his video “Sweet Victory” without tearing up, then you need to check your relationship with Jesus. The song “IDK” sounds like it could have been written by David himself, just updated for today’s life. Mynista, also a real minister, has faster raps, with even more intensity and hard truth. “Blood” and “Like a Sparrow” go round and round in my mind, giving me courage and strength to carry on.

Well, why should I just let others do it? Don’t I have something to tell the world too? Starting a couple of months ago, I’ve been emailing a few to those close to me. There was no feedback on them for a while, but recently 4 different people expressed their opinion, even trying their own, making me want to reach even more people with them here on this blog.

Many of the raps will be Seventh-day Adventist teachings. All comments are welcome.

Ready all Staggernauts? Here we fly!

Jesus sweatin’ blood,
drippin’ from his pores,
start usin’ it to judge,
October 22, 1844.

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