encouraging work spreading 1858 gc in india

I subscribe to Charles Tidwell’s newsletters that come out once a week, talking about missionaries to the FED and SUD etc. There are lots of interesting stories, and of course a lot of just telling what is going on with the families of former missionaries and obituaries etc. If you are interested, i can get anyone interested on the list. Anyway, just this morning i read a response by some man who is pastoring in western Nepal now. He said he had worked 2 years in the Himalayan hills spreading the 1858 Great Controversy with my pastor friend in northern India from 2002-2004.

Here’s his whole response:
Pastor P. K. Tamsang, what a joy it is for my wife and me to learn of the seminar that you were able to conduct on those hills of Sikkim where we did most of the walking back in 2002 to 2004 with your translated book, “The Great Controversy” in Nepali language. I can see what could have happen with the impact that made such a great impact back in those days when we went door to door with health messages to begin our conversations and introduce ourselves as a witnesses of Jesus. Our hearts also delight learning that the those souls are till getting fed with the Word of God that we had to leave them after having stayed with them for 2 yrs before my call to the Western Nepal. Sikkim is filled with such a lovely and warm people I love them and would like to let you know that we often pray for them as we ventured a lot on those hills on foot. We want to thank you for caring for them and being amongst them and happy to know that you still have the GC in Nepali left for them….that is a great book that can serve as a great tool in that area as I myself have discovered that and was able to make impact on those hills.

Thank you and good to hear of the news that it is grown up to receive the Daniel and Revelation seminar. This indicates that the group that we left is getting stronger to be able to receive higher level of understanding of the scripture and the prophesy. Thank you. — Pastor Rajendra Gautam- Western Regions Nepal.

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